The World’s Largest YouTube-to-MP3 Converter


After a lengthy courtroom battle, the largest YouTube to MP3 stream ripper has agreed to take the full blame for copyright infringement.

Each day, millions of people head to to rip their favorite videos into MP3 files. Now, in a proposed settlement agreement, YouTube to MP3 site owner Philip Matesanz has agreed to shut down the popular site.

A coalition of major labels had previously sued the largest YouTube to MP3 website. According to the coalition, the website enabled visitors to convert YouTube videos into MP3 audio files whenever they wanted. The coalition accused Philip Matesanz of multiple types of copyright infringement for enabling stream ripping of YouTube videos. Labels also claimed that Matesanz profited from the practice.


How to download MP3 from Youtube videos

First enter in YouTube search box artist name and press enter. It will bring list of video files from YouTube.

After that press download icon to download video files from YouTube which will be automatically converted to Mp3 files.

YouTube video title is used as the name of newly created MP3 file.
All downloaded Mp3 files will be saved in \My Music\ZortamMp3MediaStudio\Downloads folder.

Clicking on the folder icon you can check the content of \My Music\ZortamMp3MediaStudio\Downloads folder.

After that you can use options [Zortam AutoTag (F4)] to autotag Mp3 files or use options [Write ID3 tags from filename (F5)] to add ID3 tags from mp3 filename.

Also use options [Rename files using Mp3 tags (F6)] to fast rename and move your files to the new folders.
You may use mask for renaming different masks such us (“%1\%1 – %2“). It will create subfolders in \My Music\ZortamMp3MediaStudio\Downloads or you can specify your own folder.

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