WTF Movie review – Bang Bang

WTF Movie review – Bang Bang

How can someone remake an already bad movie and change into something even worse (with better looking actors), is that even possible? If you think the answer is no then you are probably wrong and you haven’t seen Bang Bang.

Just a clarification – This is not a Sunny Leone movie.

Best part about this movie is that there are no wrinkly faces of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on the screen. Other than that this movie is a 2+ hour massive clusterfuck. The movie starts with the Avengers opening track and I almost poked in the ears with a fork. Sadly there was no fork but the girl next to me had real big nails. Well forget it, after introducing us to an annoying dadi maa and Katrina’s boring love life we finally meet Hritik Roshan himself. It’s amazing how despite having a million dollar transaction the villain use a Samsung phone for money transfer. I mean I don’t even… And Dadi become annoying with every time she appears on the screen. Also Katrina fixes a date through a social media site where users still don’t use photos. Wow.

I always wonder how the villains give ample time for the actors to finish their singing and dancing and then enter the scene before the fight begins and same happens in the next song. Hritik dances his best moves even after jumping and hurting his ankles or something (a fall that would have broken a normal person’s few bones at-least). Prague is such an amazing place, in every movie actors reach there without any visa passport, sing, dance and fight there and yet no one has gets caught shame on security agencies. Also Danny is the lamest villain ever. When he had a chance to buy the entire ministry and security agencies he choose 3 people to help in two of whom died by shooting each other and third couldn’t do shit.

Bang Bang is just another giant billboard for ads and product placement, the movie was so bad that their shares might have gone down after it. Funniest part was the everyone knew that it was going to be shit and yet everyone went to the theaters and returned ranting about the film.

Thank you fools for giving us 200 cr – Producers and directors of the film.

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