Wishlist 2015

Wishlist 2015


I know a lot of people consider it obsolete and will tell you that wishlists never gets fulfilled. But considering the fact that I completed 7 out of 11 wishes in 2014 makes me think otherwise.

So a new year and a complete new set of wishes, things are going materialistic now, I need new stuff about which I was content all this while. Most importantly, considering couple of amazing things I have done last year I think I need to develop better money management skills.

So here is what I want for myself this year

Things to learn

  1. Guitar – This was in my wishlist last year and before that year and before that year as well.
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Source – Google
  1. Meditation – I feel myself getting affected by negativity around me which is wrong. A lot of friends are doing this and I have found a lot of amazing places where I can go for this course.


  1. Cooking – I know how to make pan cakes, tea, chawal daal etc, basically everything on which I can survive by myself but I want to learn more. A secret desire of mine is to work at a restaurant or a shack and learn some fancy but easy stuff.
  2. Bike and car – I learned driving last year and I forgot. Sighs.
  3. A new language – Again frommy last year’s wishlist, but I have been trying.


This year I wish to travel even more, visit some of the most exotic locations. Less cross country backpack sprees and more short but extensive trips that includes festivals and some tougher trekking expeditions. Anyways my travel wishlists already exist beyond 2016 so I am hoping beyond hope.

  1. Travel with a friend – I have enough of solo travels, I want to have some memorable journeys with a friend. So anyone who wants to join in is absolutely welcome unless you are a resort kind of person in that case you will be disappointed.
  2. More North East 
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  1. Visit Amritsar and Golden temple
  2. Backpack through Lahaul Spiti
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  1. Take part in a Jeep Expedition
  2. Visit Kerala and Bhutan
  3. Visit atleast 2 wildlife sanctuaries.
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Source – Google
  1. Get passport made and make my first foreign trip
  2. Cruise down a river – I am really scared of water even though I have been on rafting and boating trips countless times but I have never been into the middle of the river, the feeling is scary. I am looking forward to a Ganga Cruise along with new more unexplored river territories. These massive rivers remind me of how small I am, and that travelling can be a matter of floating along.


I have been fascinated by black and white shorts off late, there are couple of movies coming this year that are a must watch but like last year I brought down number of movies  to watch in theatres and I will bring it even down this year. Also must avoid that 100 cr movies and go for the serious bollywood dramas instead.


This year I intend to improve my encyclopaedia, Indian Indie bands are absolute love.



More Books, what else, I read some 120 books this year. I need to read more.

Finish my novels – I have 3 incomplete novels still pending to be edited and rewritten. Its time that I take less freelance writing assignments and write for myself rather than for someone else that wont even give me credits for my own work. I NEED TO DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Get Published – Enough of random travel articles, something serious needs to be done soon.

Adventure Sports

Adventure sports are costly but there is always a way to pull them off, I am fascinated by bungee jumping videos off late along with lengthier rafting trails in Rishikesh and Paragliding. I have the passion, only thing I need now is money.

Things to buy

  1. DSLR – I need a better cam than the one I already have.
Source - Google
Source – Google
  1. Compact point and shoot Camera – Because you cannot carry your huge camera everywhere (I learned this lesson this year)
  2. Backpack – I need to buy a better backpack for further trekking trails. A Quechua 40lit bag would do just fine.
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  1. Trekking Shoes – I love my Reebok shoes but they are too pretty to spoil in snow.
  2. Sleeping Bag and Mat
  3. A new smartphone.

Attend more music concerts – Ziro Music Festival 2014 was just great, I am now looking to attend more desi music fests this year.

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Source – Google

Last but not the least More Food and less food photos

2015 has just started, I hope it is better than last year that was not all disappointing.

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