Why White Rann of Kutch is an ideal Winter Destination

Why White Rann of Kutch is an ideal Winter Destination

Ever had a dream of standing between 2 countries in a location all in white? Desert on one side, sea on the other, like a pair of lovers who can never be united?

We have the perfect vacation spot for you!

Visit the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat for your next vacation!


With the great Indian white desert on one side with the Arabian sea on the other, this will be the vacation of the entire family’s dream.

About the Rann of Kutch

Kutch, the glory of Gujarat, this marshy salty desert is home to some of the most diverse landforms, people and wildlife in the country. The brightest colors, the most tasty of foods and the friendliest of people are found here. The area of around 10000 squares miles, between the Kutch gulf and the mouth of the Indus in Pakistan, is endearingly called Kutch and its people, the Kutchhi.The Luni river here is of note, it flows through both countries.

How do you reach this paradise?


The best way to reach the Runn of Kutch will be from Bhuj, a city with amazing connectivity to all over India, with flights, trains and buses to all corners of the country.

From Bhuj it’s a 2-4 hour journey depending on where you stay

Alternatively, most Gujarati cities have buses to Bhuj and from there to Kutch, you’ll need to hire a taxi.

When do I visit?

To experience the best of Rann and the culture of the Kutch people, you will need to visit the Rann Utsav, held annually (November till February), making it the best time to visit Kutch. As this place is situated around international borders, The BSF or Border Security Force controls entry, so you’ll need the required permits.

What do I do here, isn’t it just desert?

The sun rise and sun set over the white dessert is a unique experience. People believe the salt here has great amazing healing capacities, we don’t know if this is true, but I’m super sure souls are healed looking at the sheer beauty of the white desert all around.

This magical place is definitely worth a visit, and an addition to your bucket list.

The sunset is a spectacular sight to be around. So the best time to be there is after 4.30/5 pm. One can enjoy a bit of Sun, then the sunset and later the Moon, and if it’s a full moon night, you feel as if you were in the dream you never dreamt, it’s that beautiful.

The restaurants here serve only vegetarian, with Gujarat being a dry state, alcohol prohibition goes without saying. It is recommended to stay hydrated, so carry water!


Can I do anything else here?

Kutch is divided into two parts, the Great Rann of Kutch and the Little Rann of Kutch.

A lot of animals and plants are endemic to this region, thanks to the varieties of ecosystems around here, like the mangroves and the desert.

So you can visit the temples around, specifically the Shree Swaminarayan Temple and the Nandeshwari Mata Temple.


You can visit the beaches here, which are beautiful as seen above.

If you’re into animals, visit the natural sanctuary, one of the best in the country, the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary!

If you’re a trekker, visit the Kalo Dungar, for more information, wait for our next blog!

You can visit the Kutch museums, the fossil parks, and try out the street food in the evenings, especially the Dabeli!

After, all this if you have time, or you don’t, make sure to visit the streets for shopping, the Kutchhi people are the best for embroidery and bright colorful clothes, which will definitely catch your eye, the people here, and their camels, might end up becoming your friends, if you try hard enough!



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  1. Jeremy Smith

    This place sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing. #addedtothelist

  2. Federica Provolenti

    When it comes to picking a winter destination, it is always more difficult to choose. The Runn of Kutch seems an amazing desert and I’d love to visit it

  3. Su Bha Sun

    This post throw back to the most beautiful experience we ever had in The Great Rann of Kuch. We visited the white desert in December 2017 during Rann Utsav and that too on super full moon night. Truely, the feeling is beyond words.

  4. Suz

    This is somewhere I had never heard about but I think I need to visit. It looks completely different to anywhere else

  5. Yukti

    I am from Gujarat and can vouch on this beautiful trip. Rann of Kutch is really a great trip to be done in winters. A place full of adventure, wildlife and unique traditions.

  6. lexieanimetravel

    I’ve seen an episode with travel destination on TV. They have cover a similar place like this. It’s truly a unique and ideal place to visit in winter. The firework display sound amazing!