Why is it important to get a 4G Sim-Card before you start travelling in India

India is a land of unique cultural diversities. For anyone coming here from a foreign country has a lot of questions. They are afraid and worried about a lot of things. The behaviour of the locals, food, stay and transport are just a few issues that one may face while travelling in India.


Let whatever be the issues, you should always be prepared to face any situation that you may or may not be expecting. Doesn’t matter if you are visiting India from Europe, America or South East Asia, these problems can arise for anyone and this is why you should be fully prepared.

One of the best solutions to evade travelling issues that may happen in India is by purchasing an Indian 4G sim card the moment you land in this country. Since I have faced a lot of problems while travelling in other countries because of non-availability of sim card, you can also end up facing the same issues here in India.

Here are a few situations in which a sim card will prove helpful

Locating the hostel/hotel

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4G sim will surely help you with evading the hostel scam that many taxi and cab drivers are indulged into. The scam is simple, you’ll hire a pre-paid auto rikshaw or a taxi and ask them to take you to the hostel you have booked. On the way they’ll tell you that the hostel is shut down and they can take you to another place for the night.

A 4G sim will help you out with connecting with the hostel owner or manager who can guide the hired vehicle to the right place.

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Google maps


4G sim will also let you find the right directions with Google Maps. Since you get a certain amount of data, it becomes easy to locate your hostel, shops, and restaurants when you arrive in India. The new version of Google maps will also help you out when you want to locate museums and places of sightseeing along with giving you information on ticketing, opening and closing time.

It becomes easy to connect with emergency contacts

Numbers of police stations, medical helpline, tourist department assistance, hotel, and embassy are just a few of the contacts that should be accessible to you once you get a sim card. Emergency can happen as soon as the moment you step out of the airport. Better find connectivity at the earliest and you’ll be free from travel issues.

Connectivity with local apps


In the age of internet, it is really important to let local apps help you out while travelling. Cab hire apps like Uber and Ola are just a few of the many that let you call a car or an auto-rikshaw (tuk tuk) instantly in the major Indian cities. Their presence also helps you find the genuine rates of the transport without getting cheated by the local drivers. Similarly, there are women safety apps, local travel and social media apps that you should be using to sort out your travel related problems.

Staying connected to social media


Social media is very effective in this era of travelling. While many don’t really get to the base of it and only end up posting their photos on Facebook and Instagram, others do know how to use social media to make their travel experience better. Travel groups on Facebook have proven to be really effective in helping out a stranded traveller. Couchsurfing groups have members who organize meetups with visitors on a regular basis. There are a number of free social media meetups in various parts of India that you’ll learn about the moment you are here in India.

What sim cards work the best in India

When you reach international airports like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc, you’ll find certain outlets like Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea present with tourist sim cards with a validity month or two. I have normally used Airtel because they have a strong presence in North India, but Idea has a better connectivity in Southern part of the country. Depending on the region you are travelling to, you can choose the Sim-Card and start with your trip.

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  1. blair villanueva

    Ohh my only wish on travel is that wifi is all accessible. Indeed, we need a reliable 4G (and soon 5G) sim card for convenient travel experience and less hassle.

  2. Eden Fite

    I totally agree with you that both apps and social media are helpful when traveling these days. I use Google Maps constantly when I’m traveling, it makes it easier to get around, but also to find restaurants or coffee. I’ve never actually gotten a sim card while traveling, but I’ve certainly regretted not doing it a few times. I have T-Mobile, and the service can be pretty spotty in certain countries. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Anita

    I always buy a simcard whenever I travel, if my trip there is longer than a week. It’s just the most cheap and convenient way tos tay connected. Had one in India too 😉

  4. CC

    I started getting local SIM cards every time I travel abroad and they are game changing!!

  5. Ana Ojha

    I’ll be traveling to India later this year and 4G sim sounds quite handy. Between prepaid and postpaid, which one has a better service?

  6. Hailey

    I’m going to have to get something like this for a trip coming up but I’ve done so before. Thanks for the helpful tips. I never thought to use google maps to avoid taxi scams but that’s a great idea.

  7. This is very informative for all the people travelling to India for the very first time. It helps guarantee safety and security.

  8. Gian and Sheila

    Great advice as we plan to travel to India sometime middle of this year. Should start buying an extra phone though.

  9. I absolutely agree. I’d say it’s important in every country no matter where you are. In India, it’s a bit annoying that you have to wait at least a couple of days tho. I waited 4 days for my SIM to be activated :/

  10. faecelinee

    This is very helpful and informative post, I am currently planning a trip to India. I’ve always rented a pocket wifi whenever I travel but getting a sim card sounds like a great idea too. Thanks for the tip