When there used to be letters

When there used to be letters

My father just got transferred and we have to relocate to another city, actually come back to the city from where he started. So I was going through some old stuff because mom asked me to clean the storeroom. I had to do it because breakfast was at stake if I made any excuses. That room looked really creepy with things long lost scattered there. It was full of newspapers, magazines and lot of things which were disposed in there which we do not use at all and it was all full of dust. When you get into some huge room like this you’ll have no idea from where to start. So, I took a quick glance at things to sort everything out in my mind, I saw a large plastic bag in corner. When I pulled the bag and opened it. It was full of envelopes, Cards, bank related stuffs and a few inland letters.
I took out some inlands to check them out. The letters were of Grandma and my cousins when they used to write us every month, long time back. Some of them were marriage invitations, others were some random brochures but between them there was a colourful letter which attracted my eyes. The letter was of my cousin which she had sent me some long time. She had made drawings with sketch pens around the places where she wrote the actual letter. It made me so nostalgic that as I finished reading it, I leaned back on the wall behind me and closed my eyes.
A lot of childhood memories are attached to writing and receiving letters. There used to be no cellphones in those days, these letters used to be more colourful, expressive and emotional compared to any modern communication method. Letters used to be more special after reading your name on the envelope and thinking about how that person wrote a letter and went to post office to buy stamps and drop it. No one makes so much effort to stay in touch these days. And we used to recognize the sender by their handwriting.
On Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj my sisters used to send me Rakhi and Bajri alongwith a long letter. Then there would be an instant reply from my side with 10000 watt smile on my face, also in those days dad used to ask everyone for their messages when he used to sit down and write a letter for someone. Pranaam and Gor Laga taani used to feel like real than any of the modern hi, hello, wassup texts. This also reminded me of few pen pals I got letters from via Nandan magazine. 
In those days we used to give post-man a bonus during Diwali because they used to work so hard being that medium, these days they only deliver bank statement and bills. 
That letter writing era is now completely gone and no SMS or E-Mail can replace it. I miss those days.
BTW I wasted an hour thinking all this. Now I am not going to get breakfast.

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  1. Mirchi Laddoo

    Technology can't replace the joys of handwritten letters. Sad that new generation will not even know about them. Nice Post 🙂