What Your Celebrity Crush Says About You

What Your Celebrity Crush Says About You


Priyanka Chopra: You love hot women

Ranbir Kapoor: Cool n calm people attract you with a mild sense of humour. Once upon a time you loved hot women but then you had too much beer at a local party and you got over that phase.


Madhuri Dixit: You love elderly hot women.

Shahrukh Khan: Either you are 15 year old teenager who believes someone is going to take you to Sarso k khet for a romantic song (only). WTF who takes his girl in mustard fields to sing romantic songs. Or maybe you are 40 year old aunties who once believed in something like this would happen when you are a 15 year old girl. You don’t love hot women instead you are kind of forever alone.


Rakhi Sawant: You don’t love hot women, you are just a pervert.


Kamal R Khan: You think you love hot women but they are just your imaginary friends. But no need to worry, medical science has done a lot of progress in recent times. Also you have no friends.

Justin Bieber : You love hot women

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