We must Stereotype

We must Stereotype

We are born humans so it’s our job to stereotype other human beings. Stereotyping in fun otherwise what else is there in our empty lives without being judgmental.

This girl, she consumes alcohol goes to parties so I being a small town guy must stereotype her as a easy going girl ready to get laid. For me it is impossible to digest the fact that how can a girl do things that ‘a guy’ is supposed ro.

This reminds me of a funny incident, I was at a friend’s place where I met a friend of who had some strong views on how a girl should dress. According to this guy if there are two girls, one if wearing shorts and another saree, the eve teaser will go after the girl wearing shorts first and now the one who is wearing a saree. And why not, stereotyping is in our blood. Because in this guy’s eyes girl wearing shorts is easy to get than the one wearing saree may be this is a certain code that eve teasers follow. Let whatever be the reason be that guy should thank his stars that he was a friend’s friend and not friends with me.

Stereotyping is cool, otherwise why would someone stereotype a guy as one who has no respect from women and ‘bade baap ki bigdi aulad’ just after knowing that he is from Delhi. A few minutes back you were a fan of the decent way he was talking and all of a sudden you hate him?

Stereotyping helps us in identifying people, a Bihari in Mumbai is always supposed to be an autowalah and a Marathi speaking guy is supposed to hate Biharis for no reason. The funny part is when this comes from someone who has never been to Maharashtra ever in their life and has made a perception based on reading some incidents in newspapers.

Stereotyping helps making friends, you can find your soulmate if you and your better half stereotype based on the same criteria and scales. Actually one should put this on their marriage profile. Nothing makes friends better than two people who hate similar stuff.

So what are you waiting for, start stereotyping. You don’t have to work must hard for this, just look at your neighbors and judge them. You can even start with me. Take lessons from this post on how to generalize. I have stereotyped the stereotypists in this post that is the highest level of stereotyping.

Thanks for reading this post. You have got a lot of time in this world my friend. Go get a job or something. (Stereotyping lesson 101)

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