Volunteering in India – Top Skills that Prove Helpful

As travellers we all need certain experiences that identify with the style of our exploring a new destination. Some like to hike while others enjoy learning dance or music. In the last few years the scope of volunteer travel in India has increased. There are multiple reasons behind this trend, but most travellers prefer volunteering because it give us another perspective of the destination along with a more personal experience with local people.

Volunteering in India is very easy. There are many NGOs, non profits, wildlife agencies, conservation societies, etc, that need help with their ongoing projects. Some of these opportunities are available for free while other organizations charge for stay and food. When you are planning to volunteer in India, a few skills will come in handy.

Here is a list of skills that will ensure that the organizations will find your presence helpful.

Content Writing 


Every organization needs to show that they are working and have created significant impact through their assignment. For this they need to create project reports, financial reports, press releases, proposals, blogs, presentations, scripts, booklets and pamphlets. As a content writer, you will be helping them with various projects by writing down their actions in your precious words. A content writer is an important part of every modern organization. Their help makes masses learn about the presence and work of the organization.

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Social media management

Social media presence is an effective way to showcase the ongoing work and the impact that any organization is creating. An active social media account is the proof that the operations of the organization has not stopped and hence more people connect with them.

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When it comes to social media management your should posses skills that will help you not only understand how to post updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc but also analyze the behavior of audience, the kind of post that they are liking and the demographics that you should be e attracting. As a social media manager, you will be working with content team for regular updates and your vision will play an important role in creating this post.



Although communication and content writer’s work often overlaps but they are significant in many different ways. As a content writer your job is mostly confined to your office desk while the one handling communication will have to run around for various projects and connect with different groups on phone or in purpose. As a Communications person you will also need to contact various media officials for news articles, interviews, features and press release. Content writer doesn’t need to have a spoken skill but someone who is handling communication should be an expert in verbal skills.

MS Office

Whether you are joining volunteer organization for writing or communication you should be an MS office expert. A majority of office work is handled through MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and other tools from Microsoft. You should understand how to use MS Office to speed up your work and give faster results.


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Since there are many ground based operations happening at NGOs, they need photographers who can document the work. A photographer should have their own camera equipment and be ready to work on ground. For a traveller it will also give you a chance to click a lot of portraits.

Video Editing

These days every organization likes to showcase their projects in form of videos. If you know video editing then it is very easy to find work with an NGO in India. You will have to understand the use of software like Filmora or Adobe Premiere Pro. Along with making videos, it is also important that you know how to shoot short videos in raw format because chances are that you won’t be able to find another volunteer who knows how to capture the footage in your desired angles.

Graphic Designing

Everything has an online presence these days which means that volunteer organization as well as NGO will need someone to create social media graphics as well as pamphlets and posters for their campaigns and project. Basic Photoshop skills and understanding of Canva is important for those who want to volunteer at an NGO as a graphic designer.

Art and graffiti


Organizations like waste Warriors have proved that are installation is very helpful when it comes to spreading awareness around important topics. This is why contribution from artists is always welcomed at these organizations. If you are someone who is interested in creating beautiful artwork, murals and installations then you can contact the organizations that keep art as a major point of focus. Your contribution will help them create something worthwhile and their message will reach more people.

These skills are easy to learn. You can either check out YouTube courses, or purchase something from an online learning platform. When you are planning to volunteering in India, you can also share your additional skills and ideas with the organizations that may prove helpful for them.Do connect with me on Instagram and Facebook for more details on volunteering process in India.

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  1. This is an eye opener. I’m a blogger and I didn’t know before now that I could volunteer with content writing. Thanks for mentioning.