Volunteer and Travel in Mcleodganj


Volunteering is the most efficient way to travel for someone who wants to visit a place on a tight budget. These volunteer groups are spread across India and are indulged in activities that vary from mountain/beach cleaning to teaching.

Among these groups Waste Warriors is a group that is doing a good work by cleaning the trekking paths and the city of Mecloadganj and is active in many other places like Corbett and Dehradun. I decided to volunteer with the team and clean the trekking path of Triund peak and trust me it was so much fun. For the long term volunteers they have arrangements for stay and food in their office where there are small living quarters for which they charge 100 rs per day. Travelers can volunteers for cleaning day treks and other areas of the city that they visit once in a week.

Waste Warriors Dharamshala

I myself volunteered for cleaning trek route going to Triund peak, it is a day trek that is dirtied with plastic bottles and packets of wafers and our mission was to peak every packet/bottle that we’ll see in our way. We started around 10 and it personally took me 7 hours to reach on the top while picking the garbage and resting.

Now here is the advantage that comes with volunteering at Waste Warriors – Firstly you can trek to Triund with help of a Guide that will cost you around 2000 rs with extra charges on food and stay at night on the peak. With Waste Warriors you don’t have to spend those 2000 bucks on the guide and they arrange for stay when you reach on the top along with dinner in the night. If you are lucky and team is big then you can visit the snowpoint next day without picking rags on your way that is another 5 hour most amazing and beautiful trek that you’ll go in your life. As an added advantage you’ll return home with a new experience.


So we reached Triund in the evening, for me it came with an advantage to make new friends as I was traveling alone and I had to work with other volunteers. In the night the sky and cityscape of Dharamshala and Mecloadganj give a beautiful view from top of the mountains. We had dinner and bon fire was arranged, it was cold outside so everyone went inside their sleeping bags soon.

Next morning we woke up and segregated the waste and then moved further to the snowpoint. This was another 5 hour trek that was difficult than climbing Triund but was more fun and the views were great with rocks and lush greenery surrounding the whole area.

We returned after playing on the snow for a few hours and finally to Mecloadganj by evening. This trek made my Mecloadganj visit worth it.

You can contact Waste Warrior on their facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/wastewarriors2


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