Virtually yours

Virtually yours

I was trying to write something on this topic for a long long time but then a friend of mine pulled this topic out in her blog which was 100 times better than what I was planning to write. And when I got into the topic I realized every social network user has got experiences like this so here I am just trying to pull an effort on how virtual life have changed everything around us.
Isn’t it weird that the last long human interaction is only the argument with bus conductor rather than sitting with friends and family? We talk less chat more with our friends on facebook and gtalk rather than making a call until it’s not some urgency of highest degree and if one is in mood of face2face then just call them on webcam because driving to their place (which most probably is in another city) will take a lot of time, planning and effort for which we are too lazy.
We have friends in the same city minutes away from each other still all the chat and conversation happen on facebook status updates. Sometimes it feels like we are closer to a friend far away than the friend living within minutes of reach and hangout.
We don’t care about the tea or coffee getting cold because we are busy in our virtual world without caring about the real world around us. Weddings happen virtually, you get invited via a event notification on facebook and the same is for sending best wishes. I have forgot how does a invitation card or a new year greeting card looks like. Sisters living far away have stopped sending rakhi as they can simply tag on a virtual rakhi pic on that day.
Do you remember what your handwriting looks like? Letters are long gone and so are greeting cards. We can change our font on MS words in the way we want and add similes to the chat suitable to emotion. But it seems the real life emotions are all gone. When was the last time you sent a post card? When was the last time you wrote down a phone number on a piece of paper and not on your cellphone.
Have you seen the news means are you updated with the news online, Newspapers are only for olds ones as we are the cool ones to be updated with the breaking news on the internet itself. Do you remember how black texts look like on white sheet of paper?
Stay in touch simply means to stay connected through chatrooms and whatever messenger apps our phones have. People are so busy that even when they visit a friend’s city they are either too busy to inform them or they are too busy to spare 15 minutes of their life for a coffee.
Life is big, it does matter at times where you are moving on with your life but then people stop thinking about its other side. Sometimes it’s ok to visit the nearby street food vendor rather than going to McD and Dominos all the time. Sometimes it’s cool to try stupid things in public, no-one knows you or even if they do it should not matter. Sometimes it’s ok to get into a crowded bus/ train rather than to waiting for an empty bus, dropping your ice-cream should not stop you from buying a new one just because you think others standing there would laugh at you.
Sometimes it’s ok to start in one way and end up in another like this blog post.

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  1. Saket

    so true… kuch acha likha tune… 🙂

  2. Neha

    Aye haye..! Senti ho gaya tu to 😛 I also agree with Saket. Finally something good 😉