Best attractions for adults at Universal Studios Singapore

Even after standing in long queues at Universal Studios Singapore, I don’t complain that I didn’t enjoy my time there. May be, it was not a place suitable for a solo traveller but then there was a lot to do that I would have missed if I had not planned this trip.

Ticket costs and attractions for Universal Studios Singapore

While a majority of rides at Universal Studios Singapore are designed to entertain kids. From King Julian’s beach party to Madagascar Crate adventure, everything has children written all over. Even a fast roller coaster like Enchanted Express is easy to be handled by the children.

Despite this, there are plenty of attractions where the adults can entertain themselves. These rides are strictly for those who have a high adrenaline rush.

Here are a few rides at Universal Studios Singapore only and only for the adults –

Battlestar Galactica: Humans vs Cylons

universal Singapoe_-9

The biggest roller coaster of Universal Studios is a set of two, the humans and the Cylons. The red roller coaster that remains straight represents the humans while the inverting roller coaster represents the Cylons.

The Cylon coaster has multiple inversions. It takes you underground from where you have to pass through a cool mist. Unfortunately, the ride has the longest waiting time. I stood for more than 30 min and barely moved a few inches. The timer that showed waiting time at 90 minutes, turned to 130 minutes.

Recommended – Purchase an express pass instead of general pass so that you are able to evade the queues and make your waiting time shorter.

Enchanted Airways

universal Singapoe_-11

Those who travel with their families don’t have to leave their children waiting for a thrilling coaster ride. Enchanted Airways is small but exciting. The waiting time is much smaller than rest of the ride and won’t leave you nauseated. However, since this ride takes several quick turns in a short span, it is not recommended for those who have a breathing problem.

Puss in Boots Giant Journey

universal Singapoe_-12

Not far away from Enchanted express, you’ll find Puss in Boots Giant Journey. This is the part of an extension to the Studio’s Far Far Away Zone. This is an exciting family friendly ride that provides nice views of Enchanted and Waterworld. The ride takes you through the ruins of Giant’s castle which is also the part from where the queue begins. You can keep yourself entertained while waiting for your turn to come up. The larger than life souvenirs keep you busy.

During the ride, the guests fly on an anti-gravity flying machine. They get to meet 23 animatronics characters as they go in search of legendary golden eggs. The ride is a little mild but brings an anti gravity sensation that is the best part of the experience.

Revenge of the Mummy

universal Singapoe_-18

A ride inspired from Egyptian lore, brings the moments from the famous Mummy trilogy to life. You start on a jeep looking for Egyptian ruins when all of a sudden you are thrown on a roller coaster. This mix of haunted house and thrill ride is insane and horrifying at the same time.

Jurassic Park Rapids

universal Singapoe_-15

This is one ride that I will recommend to everyone. This river rafting adventure takes you through the world of Jurassic Park. You get raincoats if you don’t want to get wet during your ride. The ride goes through an insane waterfall drop that is its best part. Since loose items are not allowed on the ride, you can use lockers that are available nearby.

For those who get wet can make use of drying pods available nearby for 5 SGD.

Jurassic Park Canopy Flyer

universal Singapoe_-16

While River rafting adventure is something that many kids will skip, they will not say no to the Canopy Flyer. The ride is slow but exciting and offers a bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park. Like many other rides, all the loose items are supposed to be removed and stored in the locker room.

Transformers The Ride

I had no idea that this ride existed until I read and started reading the blogs. Well, according to many posts, this is a unique attraction that makes you feel like you are inside a Transformer movie (wow). The 3D experience can leave you pukish and nauseated. Well, that’s why every Transformer movie has felt till now so I think I’ll be able to handle it if I am there next time.

Universal Studios is an insane experience. Among the many things to do in Singapore, I think a visit here will do no harm.

Universal Studios Singapore tips for Indian travelers

How to reach Universal Studios

If you have not booked your tickets through an agent then you can catch an MRT from Little India or Farrer Park and reach Harbourfront Station in 15 minute. From Sentosa Station, you can catch the connecting rapid train to Universal Studios.

Best time to start your visit

I would recommend you to reach Universal Studios Singapore by 9 AM or even earlier. Considering that you are staying at Little India Singapore and you have pre-booked your tickets through an agent, it will take two hours to reach the coach point of Universal Studios.

Tips for buying tickets

  • There are two tickets for Universal Studios Singapore. The general tickets makes you stand in the long queues for hours.
  • Cost of general tickets in Universal Studios Singapore around 72 SGD for adults.
  • The special tickets or express pass however help you skip the crowd and your waiting time becomes almost half or even negligible at places.
  • The cost of express ticket is on a higher note it is recommended since it saves your time
  • Book your tickets online as it will again help you skip the queues at the ticketing counter
  • The moment you book your tickets, you’ll get an option for express pass before the payment counter. Select the option, make your payments and you are done

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  1. letsgettripsy

    The River Rafting ride looks right up my alley – some of those roller coasters look terrifying to me! I went to Universal in Florida and it was fun but again, I can’t say I am an adrenaline junkie so some of those would scare me for sure. Thanks for the info and great pics!

  2. hieu

    I have been to this amazing park but didn’t know what to do in advance. I strongly recommend this to anyone considering traveling to Singapore.

  3. Chai

    will take this note, me and my friends planning to visit universal studio.

  4. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Wow nice! I failed to visit this place when I was in SG two years back. I got to visit the one in Japan though.

  5. myweethoughts

    I have been to Universal a couple of times. It never fails to amaze my young heart! Will certainly go back.