Trollwa re Trollwa

Trollwa re Trollwa

Trolling, posting irrelevant comments that is not related to the topic in any sense, has been a part of internet since the day concept of forums came out. Or maybe even before that. Originated somewhere in a yahoo chatroom with using the biggest fonts possible and then moved to Orkut communities then blogs, YouTube, facebook and finally to twitter. In some part of our life we must have been part of this troll brigade, I myself have been and screwed the hell out of topics on orkut, facebook and now on twitter my current hunting grounds.
Trolling is something quite difficult to master but once you do it’s like a nuke that when you unleash on a topic or a thread its demise is for sure. Personally I like trolling on twitter because unlike Yahoo chatrooms no one can kick me out for using extra large fonts or ban me from Orkut communities (of which I still hold a record) or Facebook pages. People like me provide headaches for the admins there but here it is not possible. 
Now shifting to another category of trolls are the ones for whom the word is more than a abuse. They are the worst kind of trolls on this planet and deserve to be shot on sight. They troll just to irritate and without knowledge of basic etiquette about trolling they just go on with their nonsense.
Sometimes I wonder why trolls run free on the internet. People who proudly post sane comments and their views are often irritated by the bunch. What is the logic behind talking about sandwich while the topic is about pao bhaji. Then just see all around you. The almighty was the first troll who actually made this world while he was getting bored and then sent us to troll us. The weather keeps trolling us, damn hot man. And leave such natural trolls that are out of our controll and look all around you we keep getting troll. There is not a single time I’ve got an auto at the first call. TV keeps trolling us, movies keep trolling us. What else we can learn to do while we have such inspirations around us.
You can run you can hide but you cannot escape trolls. Love us or hate us we’ll be always at your service. Trolls are that part of internet who make a fake celebrity feel like that while he/she is dying for that attention. Other than us trolls there is not a single soul who actually gives flying shit about your views, don’t believe me just have a look. ‘I don’t want to use heavy words that would be against basic principles of trolling. 

And when the likes of Anu Mallik, Himesh Reshamiya and his highness Navjot Singh Siddhu have been trolling us since ages how can you even imagine that we’ll stop ever.
Long live trolling

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  1. Anonymous

    long live zombie and his remembrance of enrique's lyrics too!!

  2. Almost Engineer

    Hahaha…. now it transformed to this post to..nice post bro.. keep writing.god bless

  3. ConfusedMacha

    You wave the troll flag very high bro… Keep them coming..:D

  4. Sweety

    aapke jaise trolls ho to kya baat hai, whatever u wrote ekdum rite!!

  5. Pushpreet

    I truly believe that Trolling is an art. And, there is a thin line which need not be crossed – once you cross it you can be a big irritant otherwise it can really be fun with everyone enjoying it :DI myself, try not to cross that line — but, with the amount of usage we guys have we are bound to cross the line (sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally). Long Live the "ART" of trolling.