Trekking in Western Ghats – Part 1

Trekking in Western Ghats – Part 1

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Western Ghats are a wonderful place to be. I have loved the aura of Western Ghats since the time I got lost in Gokarna and came out after a couple of hours from the jungle. The home of King Cobra is also known for a lot of things. The unique ecosystem makes it different and crossing the river streams is so much fun in this region along with the Eastern Ghats and Nilgiris.

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Doodhsagar Falls Goa

Doodhsagar falls Goa 2

The part of Western Ghats in Eastern Side of Goa is very much underrated yet an amazing place to be. Last year in December I got a chance to go on a trek that started from Goa and ended in Karnataka I couldn’t say no. And it turned out to be the most amazing trip of my life.


Goa Doodhsagar falls Western Ghats

We started Kolem station in the morning. This station is a hub of trekkers who want to visit Doodhsagar waterfalls in the monsoons. We crossed our first river stream that tourists were crossing by Jeeps. It takes half an hour to reach Doodhsagar waterfalls by drive, had to walk 15 kilometers to reach a few kilometers before that place. We walked a little further on the road and entered Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park. This national park is home of King Cobra and other rare snakes, birds and even Tigers.



We passed a couple of streams reached our first campsite that was surrounded by tall Deodar trees. A couple of flying squirrels were jumping from one branch to another. Although they did not give us much time to click them but a family of monkeys made sure to be photographed.

Goa Doodhsagar falls 2

Next morning we woke up at 5 and now we were on the way for lower Doodhsagar waterfalls. After spending sometime among tourists and monkeys we were climbing our way to upper Doodhsagar waterfalls. From a distance they looked majestic. We crossed a couple of tunnels and the waterfall was right in front of us. After spending sometime here and screaming our lungs out we moved. The 2nd day campsite was waiting for us and a series of streams were waiting for be crossed. I couldn’t believe that the water here will be ice cold. The same river stream would go a little further and form the mighty Doodhsagar falls but we were far away from that place.

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Doodhsagar falls 2

We reached our second campsite, located at 1000 meters and at some point we crossed Goa border and reached Karnataka. Some of us started to receive phone signals and one of them told that we have no idea that what date or day it is. All we knew that we had to continue walking.

Wesnter Ghats Beauty

The campsite was amazing, we bathed in rivers and stars came on ground in the night for us. There was another morning to come for another mountain to climb.

Updated – Part 2 of my journey further into the beautiful western ghats

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  1. parulthakur24

    How wonderful and adventurous that sounds! I’m sure you had a great time! Loved the pictures and the travel tale 🙂

  2. VJ Sharma

    Western ghats have so much to offer and your post is very encouraging. I wish to move close by for the weekday job and explore these beautiful landscapes during weekends 🙂

  3. theuntourists

    What an experience this must have been? Did you go with a camping company?