Travelling with my dad

Travelling with my dad

We were going to Ajmer Shreef, at Kanpur station my brother got out of train to take buy a bottle and train moved. The train was still in its slow mode buy my father went nervous and pulled the chain. My brother then arrived from another side and told that he got into another boggy after train started moving. I always wanted to pull the chain but my father became the first person to do that. Anyways, here is my experience of travelling with my dad that I am doing from long long time. Actually this traveling bug bit me from him. This is in our genetic trait carried along with generations, my dad got it in little bit more hardcore style.

So first telling my experience let me tell you my mom’s statement. This happened before I was born, my parents first outing together to Kashmir. In those days a magazine name Sarita used to come up with travel editions so from those sources my father finalized few places and took mom to a place that had bagh (Garden) in it. As for a newly married couple going to a garden and spending some time is a real good idea but what they didn’t know was that it was just a colony named with bagh attached to it and no real garden was around. 

So this was my mom’s experience. I too have some real adventurous, memorable and yet bizarre experiences while traveling with him. He has an ages old Sarita travel edition and he still makes his travel plans from that date only which creates a lot of confusion and unnecessary travel plans, but the best part is that his bank’s guest house charges 1 rs. per day only, now since he got promoted they charge 4 rs a day :P. 

During our Nainital trip he took us to Kausani to show sunset, and the route was so tiresome that we reached half an hour late after sunset. The trip sucked but mutton curry in Ranikhet was yummy and even after we ate about 30 rotis (4 people and we were hungry like hell) the hotel owner only counted 16.

There is a lot of difference between the way I like to travel and his style. He makes us travel a lot, move in local buses and prefers street food to costly hotel ones. Earlier I was total opposite of this style but slowly as I started traveling on my own I started following his style. 

During his mini South India trip he made plans so extended that ultimately became useless. Because that 10 year old travel magazine said that a Chennai water park ticket costs 100 bucks back then so according to his logic it still costs the same. After his plans got a bit more extensive mom made plans for Mysore, Pondicherry and Ooty and they enjoyed a lot. Imagine how long this trip was. 

If you travel with my father, there is a huge opportunity to learn a lot of paisa bachao tricks. This includes walking for 5 kms taking a shortcut and getting lost in Bangalore and then landing at a place where no auto rikshaw or bus was available. Such places are quite rare in Bangalore and thanks to his old travel records this place is also rare. There are more of his tricks I started following after I lost all my money in Mumbai because I thought his advice was not cool, but dad is always right.

When in Ajmer I got to see a new side of him. These days he talks about how cheap things were 10 year back and now it’s not. People change with time but he still take us to places with same enthusiasm. As of now I and my brother have grown up so we have left him and mom alone to enjoy their trips in privacy. As of now he is planning a FAMILY TRIP to THAILAND. I am already not getting good signs about this upcoming adventure.

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  1. Neha

    hehehe..good read! Now I know how do you manage to mess up with all your trips 😛