Traveling solo and Interacting with strangers

Our social norms come up with instructions that says never talk to strangers but the moment you start traveling solo you slowly become used to interacting with strangers and talking to them. These strangers make an interesting part of your stories later.


When traveling solo talking to a stranger is important otherwise you’ll die of boredom. Traveling alone doesn’t mean living alone, eating alone and being as lonely as one can imagine.

While you need to be careful while starting a conversation and trust your instinct and if you are a female solo traveler choose to interact with strangers in public and not meeting them at some place alone.

There are few conversation starters that always prove helpful. Topics like let them know why they travel solo, ask them about restaurants and places of interest.

Meet other solo travelers, you can find one normally with a book or kindle because they are traveling alone and reading is the best way to pass their time. In case you come across a small group you can talk to them about places that they have visited, invite them to some fun activity that you are going for later in the evening and exchange the numbers.

Other than these cases you can simply come up with a question you want to ask from a person you feel like talking. This is the best way to break the ice.

Talking helps you in many ways, it boosts your confidence in social circles and when the trip ends you return home with a few friends that you made in your way. Never fear while interacting with someone, even if you are not able to continue the chatter. Always believe that what else can happen, mostly the person you want to talk to will deny talking to you or show that they are not interested. But then at-least you tried.

An easy trick, dogs and laser pointers help a lot in making friends when traveling alone. Just give it a try.

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