Traveling around Nilgiris: A walk among the clouds

Traveling around Nilgiris: A walk among the clouds

Ooty 2

After leaving Madikeri I returned to Mysore for my next stop to Ooty. It was around 10:00 PM and I had no hope of getting a bus as Bandipur national park is closed after 9:00 PM. But I got a bus reached Ooty, cycled around the city and even went to Coonoor.

Last bus to Ooty

I reached Mysore at 10:00 PM, I was in no hope that I am going to get a bus to Ooty at this hour but to my luck there was the last bus for Ooty waiting on the platform. I hopped right into it and slept. When I woke up I realized that it was standing outside Bandipur reserve and was supposed to leave at 8 in the morning. For me this meant all night sleep without wasting money in a hotel after reaching Ooty. I had a best sleep in recent times while traveling. I woke up at 7, freshened up at public washroom and then the bus left for Ooty.

Deers and Elephants and the Nilgiris

While the bus was passing through Bandipur national park sight of Deers and Elephants standing on route was pleasant. Bandipur national park after crossing Tamilnadu border becomes Madhumalai national park and slowly it descends into Nilgiri mountains and whole view changes. Forests transform into beautiful tea plantations offering spectacular views till wherever your eyes go. Enjoying this view I reached Ooty at 9 in the morning.

The Cycle Story.

Ooty Lake that according to me is the most boring place on this planet because wherever your sight goes you’ll find couples hanging around. The newly married ones on their honeymoon are all over the place. But I was not here to ogle at those beautiful ladies, I was looking for a place to hire a cycle that everyone kept telling me is a little walk away from the lake. Ultimately I found one of the rental places that I guess overcharged me. I had to pay 100 bucks for it and that too without any safety gear. Anyways frowning at those idiots I left with my newly acquired cycle, my mission was to climb the Doddabetta peak.

The unsuccessful ride.

I wandered around the town, brought a map and then moved towards Doddabetta peak asking for directions from the locals. They gave me blank stares as if I have gone crazy of sorts. Autowalas gave me a sympathetic look as if I was not going to come back but I was determined. The roads in Ooty are the best ever only the worst part is where it starts going downhill. I moved towards the peak and after few kilometers uphill my body gave up. It was one huge torture I couldn’t move for even a bit, I sat on a stone rested for a while and decided to return back to the town.

Road to Coonoor

After I returned my cycle with a little argument with the owner about how I didn’t even use it for half of the day demanding to return rest of the money. Easy guess I didn’t get the money but the owner arranged a free ride for Coonoor. He adjusted me in a tempo traveller that was going to some tea estate to deliver some boxes so I hopped straight into it. Going to a distant location for free who wouldn’t want that.

Road to Coonoor was beautiful, the path was engulfed into clouds. Where-ever eyes went mountains and clouds were making the view ecstatic. The driver dropped me at a tea estate that was already filled with tourists, I stopped by and tasted the local tea from that estate.

ooty 1

Suicide Point: No jumping allowed

I joined another group of tourists who were going towards Suicide point. This place is real famous spot from where lovebirds used to jump in search of eternal love. I don’t know how come is it easier than to going to talking to individual parents. Anyways I walked towards suicide point only to be welcomed by a lot of monkeys. I think most of the people who died were just scared of monkeys. You don’t even need to attempt suicide these monkeys are enough to help you out. Anyways suicide is a crime and staying here for long would have turned into a crime too.

Returning to Ooty

Suicide point was filled with tourists, so many annoying couples are enough for a person like me to kill himself. I had to return back to Ooty so I took a bus going back and was filled with such annoying couples. To add upon my misery it started raining and only thing missing was one of them running in rain singing Chandni, O meri Chandni type songs. Luckily I got a window seat and unluckily there were people with their DSLR camera trying hard to prove that they too have got certain photography skills.

Conquering Doddabetta Peak.

After one failed attempt I decided to walk to the peak, I had some 2 hours in hand to reach there and come back to catch bus back to Mysore. There was no trek, it was evening and there was a road straight going towards the mountain. I walked for a good distance and then I gave up, not because I was tired but because I was running out of time. A car passing by stopped for me and the driver was humble enough to take me to the peak. Passengers sitting in that car were surprised enough to know that I was here in this city on my own and alone. At first they thought that my girlfriend/ wife was sick or maybe we had a fight or something and I left and I had to convince them that I am a solo traveller (and I have no girlfriend). I reached the peak, the second highest peak in South India and before me there was this breathtaking view of Mysore and other nearby cities. I missed having a DSLR. Fog was slowly engulfing the city, it was the time to bid goodbye and leave for my next destination. I got the last bus leaving for Mysore and left as the darkness and fog started dancing and mixing into each other.

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