Travel lessons I learned in 2014

Travel lessons I learned in 2014

2014 was a learning experience for me as a traveler. I did some insane mistakes that even though I ended up regretting it
turned out to be a experience worth remembering.

Following that, these are a few experiences I am not going to repeat this year. These lessons are learned well to make my future trips better.


  1. Always travel in night if it is more than 4 hour journey and better if you reach your destination by afternoon. The more late you get it’s more difficult to find a hotel or stay.
  2. You cannot see everything in limited time – Trust me on this, it made things even difficult for me on multiple times.
  3. Travel according to weather – It was a foolish idea to visit South in month of March. I almost died of heat stroke.
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  1. No long backpack trails
  2. Books are a must but don’t increase your luggage’s weight by buying a lot of books. This is one of the disadvantages that come with long backpack trails.
  3. Don’t change your route because you just got to know about a beautiful waterfall nearby when you are supposed to catch a bus later in the evening.
  4. When in North East, keep your schedule flexible.
  5. Prioritize your budget – Unless you are a rich kid, long travels really teach you how to live on a budget and how to be content with minimalist thinking. My first priority is to travel and everything is later, I cannot go for a high profile party in a metro city when I am supposed to be backpacking in Himachal after 2 days. A new pant or two nights in a hotel, a new phone or tickets to Goa. Everything counts.
  6. Never change your travel plans because someone else wants you to join them – Trust me this is the worst you can do. It brings down the budget and the entire travel schedule is ruined.
  7. Never compare, never have expectations and things will go just fine.

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