Travel Diaries – Shimoga


My last two blogs updates are enough to let you guess that I traveled to Shimoga after I returned from Hampi. Hampi somehow turned into a not so good experience worth remembering this time mostly because of wrong travel decisions and wasting a huge amount of money on transport from Bangalore to Hospet. I decided to take an early morning train to Shimoga and wallah I reached there in 50 rs that too under the same time a bus would take and still being a comfortable journey than opting for KSRTC.
I started at 6 and by 11:30 I was in Shimoga and about to miss my station.

I missed my station, I didn’t know that my train arrived Shimoga and left until I saw a board written Shimoga in huge letters. By then it was too late, train crossed a bridge and then someone pulled the chain because definitely there are fools like me everywhere who tend of miss there stations and buses and dunno what else.

So somehow I managed to get down at Shimoga that was unfortunate because If I had reached the next station I would be a few kilometers away from Saggar and Jog Falls. I walked towards the station wandered around and checked in the hotel that was booked by the team I was supposed to work for in Shimoga on a documentary.

I was supposed to gather info and itinerary for their documentary on the city especially a small village nearby.


The stay was arranged by them at it was quiet better by my standards. I freshened up and gave a quick look in my diary and then on the internet about nearby places along with enquiring with the hotel staff. The hotel staff looked quite happy that someone wants to show this place to the world. A room attendant even invited me to visit his village in the evening to see a marriage but I politely said no to. Things like these I always come to regret later on when I look back.

I decided to visit and an Elephant Training Camp at Sakarebayelu caught my interst. Unlike most of the places in Shimoga this one was nearby, so I took a bus that dropped me here and my Shimoga trip started. Sakarebayelu Elephant camp is situated on the banks of Tunga River. I roamed around looking at the captive Elephants and kind of felt sorry for them. An Elephant was giving rides to kids and there were some visitors enjoying there. Another Elephant was showing tricks to its audience and was listening to the commands of his master or mahaout. My favorite of their acts was Elephants moving in a circle where each Elephant was holding another Elephant’s tail. It looked so disciplined and cute when they were moving around, like a tribal dance.


A local told me that Ganjur Dam is nearby but the problem was that there was no mode of transport around that could drop me there. But fortunately a group of tourists offered me to join them in their SUV who were going to the same place. Photography was not allowed here so we just watched the machinery releasing water. The same group then dropped me back to Shimoga.

The next two days were spent traveling to Jog Falls and Agumbe, Shimoga is a beautiful place but the only problem is that there is not much information available of this place. Transport is yet another problem, I wanted to visit more places but even after looking up the internet I was unable to find much.


The team I earlier talked about I was supposed to assist them in documentary was supposed to cover a village called Matturu or Mathur. Again there was a huge lack of information. There are two villages around of same name Mattur and Matturu, and people on bus stand really got me confused. I was worried if this turns out to be an hoax or what if I reach the wrong place. But fortunately the bus dropped me at the right place, I visited this village interacted with the locals that I’ll write down in detail in some other blog update.


I checked out of my hotel in the evening, had a real hilarious experience and then left for my next destination that was Hassan.

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