Travel Diaries: Mangalore and around.

Travel Diaries: Mangalore and around.

   mangalore 1Back in Mysore I had to go through another challenge, I was supposed to catch a bus to Mangalore and reach by morning but as simple as it sounds it was not. It was a night prior to Dasara and there was no bus available. At that moment only choice I had was that I should return Bangalore, Mangalore this time is not in my luck. But being me, the kind of outlandish schemes I had to reach there, if not like then then there must be some other way.

Chickmagalur to Mangalore…You must be kidding me

After all the permutations and combinations I decided to get on a bus to Chickmagalur and then change another bus to Mangalore. By some implacable logic I thought that since Chickmagalur and Mangalore sound so alike (before that day I used to call that city Chickmangalore *Sighs*) they must be nearby, but now that I check two of these places are separated by good distance than what I had originally thought.

Chilling in Chickmagalur

I was chilling at Chickmaglur bus stand at 3 AM in morning, bus for Mangalore was supposed to arrive at 5 AM and I had no idea how I was supposed to spend those two hours. I tried tea and coffee to kill the cold but nothing happened. Eventually I spoke to a bus conductor who asked me to get on another bus to somewhere else from where he suggested me to change one final bus to reach Mangalore.

‘Are you out of your mind?’ I asked myself, but then most of the time I am.

Finally Mangalore

No matter what I went through because of my stupidity and had to travel double than what I was supposed to be, I was bestowed with Nature’s bounty. It was almost morning and the bus was running between fog and clouds. I reached Mangalore after another 3 hour of journey from where Divpreet arrived to pick me up on his Duster.

Let the trip begin

My life’s most memorable road trip was waiting for me. We started after an hour after everyone got freshen up. Mangalore is one beautiful city. The greenery and the peace this city offers is unmatchable. When on my way to Mangalore I was most intrigued by the backwaters. I have always read about it and till date I only knew that they exist in Kerela. Anyways before starting day 1 trip let me introduce you people to rest of the group. We had Divpreet on driver’s seat, his roommate Arun, Bodybuilder Rajesh and Rakshith the funny guy who was obsessed with a character from Golmal 3 and used to refer everything by its wrong spelling.

The temple trail


Mangalore is famous for its temple. Since Dasara was around and on my request we started with visiting places in and around Mangalore. This was the same time when Cyclone phalin had hit costal Odisha and due to this it was raining heavily everywhere. Weather had become pleasant that was perfect for travel. We started from a Hanuman Temple followed by 1000 pillars temple which is a famous and favorite location for Jain pilgrims and is a beautiful place to be.

Food and Fog

After a little bit of spiritual connection and since there was nothing much left to look around in Mangalore we decided to leave for Kudremukh. On way packed toddy, that was supposed to serve as beer’s replacement, We went to a roadside dhaba where for the first time I tasted Kori Rotti I saw once on Highway on my plates and it tasted so amazing. It was followed by Squid Chilly and Chicken Kababs that we had along with toddy and left for our destination.

Hamumangundi falls


Enjoying the road and backwaters we reached Kudremukh National Park. We were moving towards Hanumangundi falls and then Kudremukh if time was around. Divpreet showed his driving skills when road started going up the slope. At a point we took a stop, the view of surrounding area was amazingly beautiful. These are times when I miss having a DSLR. We moved and stopped at Hanumangundi falls. This was a walk down from where we stopped that was followed by almost 100 small steps. I for one enjoyed this fall walking around and even fell in water at one point. On my way up it felt like the worst climb of my life. I was tired and my body refused to climb even one step. I wondered how I had traveled to Abbe falls simply on foot.


To Manipal and back

I went to Manipal during my earliy engineering days, It was evening and after we returned to Mangalore and spent some time at Bahutbali temple at located on the highest point in Mangalore city. The view of entire city from this place was just mesmerizing. We decided to have dinner in Manipal and then return from there. Road to Manipal is one of the worst in this region, following that we reached Manipal that looked so different than what it once used to be. There was one rape incident recently and because of that entire city and two of the most happening pubs looked totally deserted. There was nothing to check out here and everyone was tired like anything. We had dinner and then left from our places, after all rest was needed for what was coming the next day,

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