Travel Diaries: Experience India at Chandni Chowk

Travel Diaries: Experience India at Chandni Chowk

If there is one place where you can experience this country in its true sense then for sure it should be Chandni Chowk and nowhere else. Where else on this planet you’ll get to see so much diversity in the crowd. The heart of this place is so big that I myself feel like a puny creature not worth to write a word about it.

After Delhi metro started this place has been one of the most popular destinations, this place is blended into diversity mixed with flavor of food and glimpse of almost every religion in this country. This place tells about history of Delhi with glimpse of modernity that Delhi has now.

I make sure to visit Chandni Chowk every time I visit Delhi because it has so much to offer. Every part of this place has a different story to tell. Stories that are running for generations now, stories that are lost in tiny lanes and fast life here. Entire history of Delhi is here in this place.

Talking about diversity this place has ages old halwais that specialize in namkeen and sweets and in the same area there is a McDonalds that is crowded like every eat-out in this area. As I said this area offers a perfect blend of culture and modernity.  

From Galib’s Haweli to Jama Masjid and from Gali Paranthe wali to local stalls selling dahi bhalle and chats that you simply cannot resist everything about this place talks about awesomeness. If I start talking about food then I’ll have to write up another blog post for that. So I’ll sign off until next Delhi story and next visit to Chandni Chowk.  

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  1. Ankita

    Bringing back memories. Could have been better still no less…