Travel Diaries- Coorg: The Scotland of India

Travel Diaries- Coorg: The Scotland of India


Phase 3 of my trip started from Bangalore, I finally deposited my huge bag at a friend’s place and set my destination for Madikeri aka Coorg. Madikeri used to be the capital of Kudagu region in Karnataka. I had a hard time getting a bus to Madikeri after two unsuccessful attempts for two continuous days due to certain reasons and it seemed as if there is no Coorg visit for me. The biggest problem was I had no idea from where I was supposed to catch a bus to Madikeri. There is no direct bus to Madikeri from Majestic and I was supposed to take one from someplace called Kangeri Satellite Town bus stand after travelling there for two hours there was no buses to be found. Ultimately I took a bus for Mysore and then took another bus for Madikeri. When I woke up the next morning I was welcomed by a city covered in fog.

Coorg region is made of small towns like Madikeri and Kushalnagar which is a popular destination as a hill station in South India. I had a great time there while sitting at Raja’s seat, walking upto Abbe falls and coming back, visit to a coffee plantations and at last to Kushalnagar Golden Temple.

Here are things you must try on your Coorg visit.coorg 1

  1. Relax at Raja’s seat: Visit Raja’s Seat early morning and watch the sky go red. The mountains covered in fog are mesmerizing. Bring a book with you and read there till the sun starts going up, if you have a DSLR or high zoom camera you’ll have a great time clicking pictures.
  2. Visit waterfalls: Coorg is one place with beautiful waterfalls. You can walk upto Abbe falls if you are looking for an experience. View on route is breathtaking. While returning you can hike back to the town or ask for lift.Irupu falls is another waterfall you must visit. Located some 50 kilometers away from Virajpet, Irupu falls takes a walk between the forest and one needs to climb a lit in order to reach there. But then it is worth the pain you take to reach there. Best way to reach here is to take a bus to Shrirangmala from Madikeri or Virajpet from where falls is just 10 kms away. Malali falls and Chelavera falls are some other falls that one can visit and are nearby to Virajpet.
  3. Stay at a Coffee Estate: I got a chance to visit Ginger home stay and coffee estate which is a few kilometers away from Madikeri. The owner Aiyappa and his wife were real nice people and the coffee I had at their place was one of the most amazing coffee in my life followed by the home cooked meal which was simple and yet amazingly delicious. View from top of the their plantation was mesmerizing and walking along the coffee plantation trail was another awesome experience.corg 2
  4.  Dubbare Elephant Camps: Dubbare Elephant camps is few kilometer away from Kushalnagar where you can reach by a bus that runs frequently from Madikeri. While driving from Mysore or Bangalore Kushalnagar comes first and you can take a small detour to Dubbare and spend some time with Elephants and their handlers. You can also spend a night nearby the camps in the one of the guesthouses.
  5. Kushalnagar Golden Temple: Golden temple is a Tibetan monastery situated some 2 kms from Kushalnagar. This place offers peace and solitude and is a remarkable example of Tibetan architecture. Also a lunch at the canteen is recommended that serves the most authentic Tibetan food and their black tea is a must try.

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