Travel Diaries: Collecting stories from Mecloadganj and around

Travel Diaries: Collecting stories from Mecloadganj and around

Mecleodganj morning

I reached Mecloadganj in middle of heavy rainfall in the month of June. The moment our bus crossed the plains and entered the mountains a pleasant change in weather happened as if summer was never there in the first place. What was a mild drizzle in the morning turned into a heavy rainfall as the day passed.

Mecleodganj 1

Mecloadganj for one of the few places where the rain never irritates you, the entire landscapes is fills with colors that remind you how beautiful a place can be. Slowly the weather got as cold as it is in the month of December and I started craving for a cup of coffee.

Beauty of Mecleodganj

I went to Kunga, ordered latte and sat outside looking at Dhauldhar mountain range filled with snow. There were travelers everywhere, I sat alone listening to their chitter chatter. There is a guy sitting with an American lady, describing his love story that you only get to read in novels or see in movies. Another woman is talking to her friend in her own country telling him about Kashmir issue or whatever version of it she knows is true. There is a guy in his 30s playing guitar trying to attract the crowd around him and gain their attention.

Bhagsu waterfall

So many people, so many stories.

If you just listen to these people you can learn so much from them. A whole week of my stay in this place was going to happen and I can’t wait for what was coming in the store for me.

Momos in Mecleodganj

The day passed by getting drenched in rain, looking at travelers and eating momos from my favorite restaurant since I was here last time. They have increased the price from 60 to 90 rs.

Dhauladhar mountains Mecleodganj

Next morning I changed my hotel and shifted in a stay home with my friends and volunteered with a group of NGOs called Waste Warriors and trekked the Triund hills to pick garbage on the way. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life during my travels. Our trekking team consisted of 5 girls from US along with 8 more people and the group leader. We reached the top of the mountains by evening where we stayed for the night.


TriundSky looks beautiful from Triund in middle of the night.

Snow in Mecleodganj

Next morning we went a bit further just for fun and trekked upto the snow point and after an hour or so we decided to return to Mecloadganj.

NGO Mecleodganj

Another memorable part of staying in Mecleoganj was Iliterati. It’s a café with millions of books spread everywhere. The balcony offers an amazing view of Dhauldhar mountain range and there are two dogs you’ll always find playing inside. My days used to pass here reading a book or another, if nothing then I would just play with one of the dogs Milo.

Dogs found on these mountains are really nice, these huge beastly creatures are as friendly as one can imagine. There were two dogs who accompanied us for the Triund trek and came with us to the top. Every dog we used to meet here used to be as friendly as one can imagine. After returning from this trip my fear of dogs have vanished.

My days used to pass visiting a café where I would read a book or comics, sometimes I’ll walk towards Bhagsu waterfall or Dalai Lama’s temple and come back to the village where I was staying. In night we used to gather at waste warriors office for dinner and a singing session and like this the day used to pass by.

Bhagsu waterfall

Travel expands our world and mind at the same time.

I used to have my lunch and dinner at Zing café, this is a small hotel in the Bhagsu village that is run be an uncle who hardly used to charge us for the food just because we were helping clean his mountains. The people of Mecloadganj are the nicest human beings you’ll ever come across. Soft spoken people with a heart of gold they are. They are ready to help you no matter who you are and from wherever you have come from. I love the cafes here, the food, the coffee, hot chocolate, cake and so many things to choose from. If it was not for trekking, walking and hiking I would have gained so many more kilograms just be eating here.

There are travelers around you’ll come across, everyone has their own stories and reason to stay in here. This place has a charm that brings a traveler and makes them a part of the colors this town is made from. Our stay home had a common bathroom, the first day I was here I decided to clean my feet and mistakenly turned on the shower knob and got drenched in the process. Thankfully no one was there so I just laughed at myself and went to sleep.

7 days passed in Mecloadganj and the day came up when I was supposed to leave. Everyone was off with their own works, I was alone and I had to leave. I felt to attached to this place than I cried my heart out on my way. I didn’t want to leave, I was in love with this place and the people I met here but for a traveler heartbreak is a never-ending process. You are skeptic about a place and then slowly get used to it and by the time you get attached to the place it’s time to leave.

I got on my bus and looked at the mountains vanishing as I moved towards Delhi. 7 days passed making me wish if I had seen more of this place. I cannot wait to return here, whenever the time is right.

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