Travel Diaries – A week spent in Ahmedabad

Travel Diaries – A week spent in Ahmedabad


After Comic Con India and my short trip to the mountains ended I left for Ahmedabad. This was my first visit to Gujrat and the plan was made keeping in mind that my friends were going to be in the city at the same time.

I realized that unlike many other states there was no Govt. bus service running to New Delhi to Ahmedabad and even if there was one I was unable to find. I enquired around came to know that there are a few private buses for Ahmedabad whose fare priced more than a break journey via Jaipur because there were government buses running from there, so I decided to go via Jaipur instead of taking a direct bus route.

Worst decision ever.

Who knew my smartassery will again get me into problems. I have realized that one should never opt for a bus journey that takes more than 6-8 hours, second is even if you go for one never break your journey in between.

Anyways I missed the last bus to Ahmedabad thanks to heavy traffic in Delhi and Gurgaon and then my craving for Pyaz ki Kachori and ultimately I had to go for a private bus. That bus dropped me in Udaipur and gave me number of another bus that was supposed to take me to Ahmedabad. I was like WTF, I was not told about this. Udaipur has been on my visiting list for so long but I had no idea that I’ll reach here like this.

So I got into another bus that took passengers for 4 buses in one and then set itself for Ahmedabad. I was wishing that they don’t stop somewhere and ask us to change a bus again. But thank goodness that nothing like that happened and I reached my friend’s place by afternoon.

And hence my Ahmedabad Journey started.

Evening I was supposed to visit Boot Camp and I had no idea how to reach there. After asking a few locals and changing three auto rikshaws I finally reached there. Boot camp is a few kilometers away from Ahmedabad at the highway connecting Ahmedabad to other cities. It is themed with adventure and sports activities like archery and paintball. I was there to attend a family function and I was amazed by the place and its management. By the time the function ended it was already too late to reach my where I was staying so I decided to stay at my friend’s place.

Ahmedabad looks amazing in night, the roads and the streetlights simply lit the city as if you have reached somewhere foreign. Coming to Ahmedabad from Delhi it definitely felt like experiencing another world where people drive around freely at midnight without any fear or tension the way it happens in Delhi.


Next morning I woke up, took a BRTS and left for where I was staying. I was again amazing how two places so far are so well connected by a rapid transport system unlike anyone city I have ever been to. That morning I fed myself with Fafda Jalebi that kept my tummy full for whole day. In my 8 days of stay in Ahmedabad I tasted almost every Gujju delicacy and still there was so much left.

Unlike what I thought, Ahmedabad was very different. It is lively and full of helpful people. My temporary roommate Shubham used to take me to a place where he had his dinner. It was a Gujju family and they were just lovely. A day when I was clicking pictures in Old Ahmedabad a family called me in and offered me tea and snacks. I was amazed by this hospitality, last of which I saw in lanes of Old Delhi.

In a week I visited a lot of places that I’ll write about in another blogpost. After staying for a week in this city it still feels like it was not enough. I keep craving for more, maybe another day in time I’ll return to this city to see whatever I missed.

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  1. Darshik Mehta

    I’m a big comic/Batman/DC/Marvel fan, I always wanted to visit comic con but never got a chance to do so due to my busy schedule. Hey nice post, I had a great time reading about your trip. As a writer, you have a great sense of humor. So keep writing.