Train Journeys

Train Journeys

I have a lot of memorable experiences associated with train journeys, no exceptions.

Kareena kapoor will agree with me, considering the missed train (JWM) was only solo hit film to her credit which took her to some places atleast: P

Like she says about Rajdhani, I’d say “pune toh mera 2nd home hain jee.” I can say the same about Bangalore, I have spent a lot of time traveling in 56 hour ride in Sanghamitra from Bangalore to Patna.

Anyways coming back to memories, Traveling to Bangalore for now 6 years straight now have a lot of memories attached. There was a time when I used to wait for Nagpur station only to buy Raj comics and Tinkle.

If you don’t know what Raj comics and Tinkle is then shame on your childhood.

I have literally grown up reading Raj comics and Tinkle, In my childhood days there was hardly anything else to do, there was not Cable TV or PC in those days.

Those characters and the illustrations fascinated me. I would spend hours n days reading the same stories and trying to write something thinking that I’ll write something for my favorite comic books someday.

There were loads of sections other than stories like “it happened to me” the reality column where kids used to describe some weird out of the world experiences. It always ended with proverbs like “a stitch in time saves 9” or a little guy would proudly declare how honesty proved to be the best quality! I used to find most of those columns lame( I have hated preaching for a long long time) and why should I care about that dumbass 10 year old from Chennai who missed his bus and lost his way and then was helped by a “stranger uncle”.I tried writing for them a lot of times but I never got published, so talk about sour grapes maybe.

People who have ever read Tinkle in their life will remember Suppandi no matter what. Suppandi was a silly simpleton with a nose more pointed than Pinocchio and a protruding forehead. He worked as a servant and always took things literally. He was our Mr. Bean before Mr. Bean became too mainstream.I used to crack Suppandi Jokes all the time and used to find offending if people didn’t laugh at them.

How can one forget Shambhu Sikari, Tantri the mantri and rest of the characters like Raja the detective, Ramu Shamu (annoying twins), Raji, the little girl who had a lot of nuisance value and so many others to remember!!

How I wish life was as simple as the stories in Tinkle!!

How I wish I was a child again!!

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