Top Cafes in Fort Kochi Perfect for an Amazing Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The better is your quality of the first meal of the day, the better is the assurance that it will lead into something beautiful, productive and happy.

Fort Kochi, the former colony of Portuguese Colonists, has a lot of offer when it comes to good food and drinks. This small area, spread in a space of 5 km leaves its visitors short of time if they wish to explore the food scene of this area.

Here are a few cafes where you can enjoy an amazing meal while staying in Fort Kochi

Happy Camper


Happy Camper is a hostel with a supercool café outside. It is close to most of the stay homes and hostels in Fort Kochi area, more specifically on KL Bernard Master Road. Their breakfast sets are really amazing. Don’t forget to ask the afternoon special that they’ll be serving later.

My favourite here is the English Breakfast served with tea or coffee of your own choice. You can also try ‘Popeye’s Secret’ one of their specialities. They mix a three-egg omelette in spinach and it sets you for an entire day.

Elite Bakery

I rate this place above Kashi and Loafer’s of Fort Kochi because the food is nice, fresh and cheaper than most of the cafes. The bakery items are really soft and warm. The managers of the space are really funny and help you choose the meals you were looking for. I have been to Fort Kochi thrice and always stumble here for a cake or a full blown meal.

I have tried their tea, coffee, appam with egg curry along with different cakes, pastries, muffins and patties. You won’t regret anything that you will have here.

Kashi Art Café


100s of people have talked about Kashi art café and for obvious reasons. It is a lovely place with an elaborate menu and an elaborate interior setting. The café is always filled with guests and yes, Instagrammers. A couple of art pieces are highlights but the food is something that you must try.

Kashi serves a meat lover’s omelette that is filled with chicken and bacon. I am pretty sure that after having this as your breakfast, your day will be amazing. The coffee and drinks are really good. The café recently stopped using plastic so it is ideal for those who wish to avoid straws.



Tucked in a corner of Fort Nagar, somewhere near Kashi Art Gallery, Oy’s is a nice haunt among those looking for some inspiration during their trip to Fort Kochi. It is also a small art gallery with travel photos collected from corners of the world kept on display. Tables come equipped with charging points so ideal for those who wish to work while sipping a cup of coffee.

Café Tamara


Loafer’s Corner is the highlight of the main Fort Kochi market area and because of the imposing views, many other eateries are simply skipped. I am not saying Loafer’s café is not worth having breakfast but I usually prefer the space for evenings.

What you can do is skip breakfast at Loafer’s café and walk a few metres towards Café Tamara. This pretty space in Peter Celi street is one where vegans, vegetarians or anyone looking for an authentic Kerala meal on a health conscious note should be. The minimal design of the café is very eye catching. Appam and curries are a must try.

Alice Delices

DSC_0657 (2)DSC_0659

If you are looking for an authentic French bakery then look no further. Alice Delices is here to charm you with a pretty small setting and food that is simply out of the world. The establishment is located on Rose Street and easily noticeable.

Try their croissants, baguettes and bread along with good coffee. The interiors are small but really lovely.



Teapot is present right next to Tamara. The pretty décor is enough to grab your attention. The establishment is located inside a rustic old building that elevates the feeling of having a nice breakfast with a cup of tea. The interiors have a lot of focus on décor and a major part of it includes, yes, tea. With so many stylish, pretty kettles, it is impossible to leave without having a cup of tea. If you don’t like tea that much even then you can enjoy having a cake.

Loafer’s Corner

DSC_0543 (2)

Well, I have told earlier that Loafer’s Corner is perfect for an evening coffee but if you are short of time and need to visit this place then no one will judge you. With the most gorgeous setting, windows overlooking Fort Kochi and the world walking past below you, Loafer’s Corner offers the best cakes, freshest coffee and amazing hosts who let you sit for as long as you wish to. The menu is perfect for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.

Master’s art café


This pretty little space is perfect if you want a light breakfast with some simple local delicacies. The coffee beans are sourced from Munnar and the aroma is really amazing. Amman and stew along with egg dishes are ideal for a great, healthy breakfast. Apart from the local food, you can also try pancakes and fresh juices.

Vasco Café


Just like Master’s Art Café, Vasco Café is also one of those places to try local authentic food along with assortments of eggs and other European cuisine. Coffee served here is really amazing. Vasco Café owners also have their own stay home which is really great if you wish to enjoy local hospitality.

Farmer’s Café

DSC_0651 (2)

Farmer’s Café is also an art gallery as it is spread across a huge building. The décor uses local touch with bamboo and coir. Since the building is old, they have kept the colonial touch alive. The garden courtyard is really pretty and the best part of coming here in morning is that there won’t be a lot of people so you’ll get a lot of time to click photos. Papaya shake with coconut milk is really good and so is there lassi. The dinner menu is more elaborate with organic chicken and prawns. They don’t accept cards but an ATM is located on the next post-office.

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