Time Changes – Manipal.

Time Changes – Manipal.

Back in 2007 when I visited Manipal for first time it used to be a beautiful place. Till date most of the places I have traveled my first experience with Manipal was really amazing.

But that was back in 2007 and then I got a chance to visit this city again, what I saw was a totally different place than the one that remained in my memories,

I traveled to Manipal from Mangalore through the worst road that one can imagine and that was full of potholes and dirt. The streets that once used to be empty and yet would feel mesmerizing to walk around are now cluttered with small eatries  everywhere. Manipal has always been an educational hub thanks to Manipal university but back in 2007 this city was less crowded and students were way sober than the crowd that this city has now.

The worst part of this city’s commercialization is that most of he authentic restaurants are gone. Few of them served plate full of fish curry and rice only for 30 bucks now those hotels are no where to be seen and I cannot even start talking about new restaurants and their high end menus.

There are people from North migrating everywhere (I am a North Indian so I know it better) but Manipal seems to have suffered the worst. This city is loks dirtier than Ghaziabad now. The beaches that once used to be peaceful and serene ar now filled with dirt and garbage everywhere and this city looks worse than Gurgaon after 8:00 PM. Forget the teenager-ish boys who were puking outside the pub I went to or the girls, most of who looked like hookers hanging around on streets of Gurgaon after 8 this city has terribly degraded to a pile of garbage with time.

I heard that there was a rape incident in Manipal recently, when I was here for the first time this city was safe enough to stroll around at 12 midnight alone and come back without anyone touching you.

All good things come to an end and Manipal is the prime example. I felt heartbroken but I had more places to travel ahead, I had to move on.

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