Those few hours in Mcleodganj

Those few hours in Mcleodganj


After I ran out of the hotel in Kasol without paying any bill and reached Mandi in search of bus for Dharamsala, I wanted to visit Mcleodganj. After hearing a lot from some friends about how peaceful, beautiful and isolated the place was I wanted to visit this place so badly since the day I reached Manali.

I reached Mandi at 10 PM and by time I reached there it was already raining, as I said in my previous blog that always trust when a local pahadi tells you about the weather. It was raining and there was no sign of the bus I was supposed to catch for Dharamsala, the frequency was too low. After waiting for an hour or so I got frustrated and felt like catching the next bus to Delhi and reach home but I am not a person who gives up easily.

After a little wait my bus arrived along with another surprise, there was another bus going to Reckong Peo (Lahaul Spiti) this was another confusing moment of my life. I googled Reckong peo and saw pictures and I wanted to be there but then I left it for some other time.

I reached Dharamsala in between on heavy rain and extremely broken and steep road sitting on the last seat of my bus it was a jumpy experience. With every pothole that the bus hit I used to jump 3 feet above my seat, experiencing this journey I finally reached Dharamsala at 4 AM.

And I learned never to travel in the mountains during night.

It was still raining and weather got extremely cold, there was no bus for Mcleodganj till 6 AM so I sat at bus stand fighting the cold, I wished if I could have some tea but sadly there was none. Struggling with rain and cold the first bus for Mcleodganj arrived at the moment in the morning and I set myself for my destination. Mcleodganj from Dharamsala is uphill journey and it went colder and colder when in my sweatshirt and jacket I was wearing.

DSCF7726 IMAG1530

Bus dropped me at Mcleodganj and it felt like I have reached heaven. It was raining but the view of the surrounding was mesmerizing. I walked around the marketside looking for a stay otherwise I would have died in the cold and finally came across a local who offered me stay at his guest house, the accommodation was cheap beyond imagination, the room finalization was followed by hot tea and breakfast. I was sleep deprived since last night so I went for a quick nap.

DSCF7735 DSCF7737

When I woke up it was still raining, I was bored of staying in my hotel room so I borrowed an umbrella from the owner and left for market. I went across a Buddhist monastery and a lot of local small restaurants. I walked into a small restaurant and relished myself with the most awesome momos and rice soup. Although it felt like I missed something, I couldn’t come across the Mcleodganj that everyone describes, the market side felt a little bit artificial.


Next morning when I woke up I could hear sound of rain falling on the roof making great noise, I had to leave for Delhi so I felt a bit annoyed, it is quiet tough to leave the bed in this weather but somehow I did and reached out of my room and to my surprise IT WAS SNOWING.


I have never seen snowfall in my life, it was an amazing experience. It looked so beautiful with those snowflakes falling around and setting down on The Earth. The entire place was covered in white blanket. It was an amazing and beautiful experience.


Sadly I had to leave for Delhi the same day but then the news came that no buses will be running to Dharamsala until snowfall is over. No matter what I checked out and left for the bus stand, as I walked snow kept falling on my jacket. Another reason to leave for Delhi was that I was not fully prepared for this weather, my hands and face was left uncovered if I stayed a bit long like this I would have caught cold or something worse so it was important for me to leave for Delhi.

As said there was no bus going to Dharamsala so I waited till the snowfall was over, finally I got a cab that left me near Dharamsala bus stand in 50 rs from where I left for Delhi.

My stay in Dharamsala was short but I wish if it could be longer, this is few of the places that kept wishing me for more, may be next time.

Reached Delhi was another bad experience, weather across the route became cold and terrible and no matter how hard I tried I failed to sleep. Next time when I go on the mountains I’ll be fully equipped so that atleast I don’t get to life this experience again.

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