Things that get better with time

Things that get better with time

You’ll always get to hear how wine, scotch and art gets better with time. Ask a girl and she’ll probably add George Clooney in the list, ask a nerd and he’ll say the same about Sir. Patrick Stewart but there are things in my experience that have only gotten better as I grew up. I have seen people hating how they have grown up and things have changed around them but I can’t wait to see how 5 years from now life will be. If I have survived till now then I can survive further. Here are something that have been getting better with time in my experience.

Friendship: Today I don’t have many friends, I used to trust people and would have done anything for them but slowly I realized that other person might not think the same way I do. Today I have a small friend circle and a very trustworthy one. They have supported me through tough times and I have been their whenever they have needed me. We meet, talk about life, family, job and everything that has happened. These are the people who I know are not going to leave now. Atleast I can hope so, even if I am wrong there will be one more lesson to be learned.

Self-confidence: With time I have grown up from a shy introvert kid to a someone who wont hesitate talking to a stranger, visiting an unknown location and spending time with people I totally don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I am still an introvert. I don’t gel with people with who I don’t feel comfortable and yet I make myself comfortable in the most adverse situations. Whatever I am today is a result of ages of shying around and staying in the shadows. From a person who won’t travel in a train unless its a confirm ticket I have learned to walk between locals and villagers and eat lunch with them.

Dating: Don’t want to start whining but after my second breakup I never got into a relationship, I tried dating a few girls over the time but there was always either her or me walking away. I have realized that my dating experience keeps getting better with time, I have learned a lot how not to act in a relationship or with a date, over the time I have learned to respect the other person’s opinions, thinking and values rather than boasting about myself. Although reason for a successful date is still a mystery for me but I am really hoping that one day I will find someone worth asking out twice.

Patience and common sense: They say patience is a virtue, they also say common sense is not so common. I feel that with age or as time passes by your level of patience becomes better. You start applying your common sense rather than jumping on conclusions. After all we learn every thing good slowly with time.

Sense of humor: This is a personal experience. People who have known me all my life will confirm this. My jokes used to be worse, now they are just bad.

Myself: No kidding but I have grown up to be a better person. For someone who has a history of hurting a lot of people just for his own fun I have now changed to someone better, I feel that thing coming from inside me. I don’t crave for attention, I don’t get into unnecessary fights and I now know that there is something called personal space and opinion that I must really respect. With time I have learned a lot, I now realize who really used to think good for me and who used me for their own selfish reasons and no matter what I am not going to be that person again ever in my life.

I really hope that this keeps getting better, I wonder how all this will be when I am 30. Who’ll stay and who’ll leave, what I’ll be doing and what else I’ll have to learn and still is in store.

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