The Starbucks Experience

The Starbucks Experience


When it was announced that Starbucks is coming to India the hype surrounding the news was like aliens landing on Earth or Dinosaurs living again. So I got a chance to visit Starbucks Delhi for the first time back when they opened their first outlet in Delhi, after an unsuccessful attempt to buy a coffee from them when I was in Mumbai because of a huge line that extended till Taj Hotel (no kidding) as if free prassad was being distributed. Then I wondered if it was the hype or the coffee was really good (That I doubt after reading all the Starbucks jokes on twitter from American Twitter users).


After Mumbai they launched their store in Delhi, although I am not sure if the Connaught place one was the first in Delhi or not but in both Delhi and Mumbai people were proudly flaunting their instagram pics with Starbucks cup and checking on 4square and facebook. After a year when I was finally able to buy a coffee evading the long queue that eventually grew shorter and after having their coffee in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore I realized what the hype was all about.

The hype is absolutely about nothing. Coffee is overpriced and the only thing worth noticing is the Ambience and the décor of their outlets, Both in Bangalore and Delhi the ambience of the store was compensated for the bad coffee and bad food I had there. The menu is so extended that a first timer who has no coffee experience will get confused by the varying order of verities. Their hot chocolate is worth having but is costlier than most of the hot chocolates I have ever had even compared to the best ones.

Also the servers have an accent that will put call center employees and all the air hostesses to shame. I wonder the amount of training Starbucks India went to give these employees with fake accent could have been utilized with making a good cup of coffee.


What these outlets do is take order from one side of the counter and then they send the costumers to the other side of the counter that is badly crowded because everyone standing there hopes that they’’’ be the first one to get their order and it seems it is really an achievement to hear the server call their name in the fake firangi accent.


Somehow after every Delhi or Bangalore visit someone drags me to this place and I’ll never understand why someone would want to torture me with bad coffee. Also when one can get better coffee and food in half the price that Starbucks has.


Ambience – 4/5


Price – 2.5/5

Coffee – 2.5/5

Hot Chocolate – 3/5

Food – 2/5


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