The modern age charity.

The modern age charity.

It’s been around 2 years I have been using facebook, I am using internet since class 8 and know the concept of texting for 6-7 years and yet there are things that I’ve yet not understood. One of them is this charity via internet or texting. I had my first phone in 2006, I used to receive texts mostly from friends about how someone random met with an accident or is suffering from an incurable disease and how the phone company is helping by 1 rs per text per person we forward it to. So it makes me wonder how this whole system actually works. Today I received same text from 8 different friends about how someone is suffering and how we can help them. I don’t know how this whole system works. I don’t even know if this message originated from Aircel office and if it did then how they are keeping a track of it. 
So if someone is in need, is suffering and requires money then why can’t these phone companies let the news via TV Ads or even via their FB and twitter accounts. That way the news will transfer quickly and will gather large amount of money in shorter time.
I don’t believe in charity unless I have solid proof that the person I am going to help is really in need. I don’t believe in likes on fb will get poor kids in Africa food and when it comes to text I am not at all a fan. I have helped unknown people earlier but then the story was different. 

Most of us know that this text thing is not real, still people believe in it. Blood donation texts and tweets are most forwarded messages even if the person with same blood group receives that text, because that seems like the best way to help, who’ll take pain of getting out of your comfort zone and helping someone you don’t even know that too for nothing.

And once a great man said, “We all are idiots”.

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  1. Anonymous

    I hardly got 1 or 2 post asking for help.never cared about any sms saying "sai baba ka yeh sms 11 logo ko send karna 12 baje se pehle koi acchi news milegi".