The Lunchbox: To fall in love with someone you never met.

The Lunchbox: To fall in love with someone you never met.

I watched The Lunchbox this morning and I can watch it again and again without getting bored. Just a mention of this movie makes me smile. I saw this movie first time in Pune and then in Mumbai, I was waiting for this movie the first time I heard about it and as trailers and promos started coming wait was impossible.

The Lunchbox is a sweet and simple movie set in Mumbai where a lunchbox that goes on a wrong address brings two people close. A ignored housewife Ila and a grumpy accountant Sajan come closer due to this miscommunication. Ila’s life is sort of a ritual, a marriage continuing on compromises. It starts with preparing her daughter for school and then preparing lunch for her husband so that she can send it on time with dabbawala when he rings her door bell. It is clear that her marriage has lost the spark and has become tasteless. On other hand we have Sajan who is a middle aged widower and quite relatable, his life goes on a routine. He lives alone, with food coming from a nearby hotel. Kids in his locality hate him, every evening he comes back home stands in balcony smoking and looking at the neighbor family having their dinner.

By fate Ila’s lunchbox that she prepares for her husband but it is accidently delivered to Sajan and it eventually leads to both writing letters for each other. These are some sweet short letters where Ila mostly talking about her problems and dreams and Sajan replying it with his experiences from life and this is how they get in a relationship that couldn’t be explained.

The movie showcases life in Mumbai is the most beautiful way possible, the dabbawalas, the local trains along with the commuters and a city that is always on the move and the way the main characters relate to this city, connect with it. With the lunchbox delivering at the wrong address and after they start exchanging letter their life takes a turn with every letter exchanged impacts their life in certain way.

Lunchbox tells about the loneliness a person deals with in their life. We come in this world alone, live our life and then die alone. There are people who accompany us in the journey called life but then everyone leaves at some point of time. We enjoy their company and try to make the most of it because that is the basic human nature. Like Ila and Sajan we all need someone with whom we can share a part of our life. We don’t want to be left alone, existence of a companion makes things easy.

For an extent I do connect with Sajan’s life, I have a loving family and some friends who are ready to stand by my side no matter what. I travel meet people, share their life story and then move on to next destination but there are times when despite having so much, I feel terribly alone.

But then I don’t need a misplaced lunchbox to share what I want to say. I have this blogging space, and lot of space all over internet. I get to interact with people I don’t even know and I can share my mind without any trust issues not that I don’t trust my real life friends. Strangers don’t have to do anything with your life. Instead they see you the way you show yourself to them at that particular moment.

It is possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never met, it is the mind we fall in love with. All you need to do is to find someone who thinks the way you do.

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