The Future of Travel and Tourism in Post Lockdown World

As a travel enthusiast and someone who worries intensely about the future of our planet, the ethical problem of certain aspects of travel is something I continually grapple with.

When the world stays inside, the earth benefits. There’s nothing great about the Covid-19. Still, with a limitation on unnecessary travel and lockdown in some countries, we’re able to notice what happens to the planet when we’re primarily absent for the first time.

In India, a national curfew on March 22 ended up as the lowest average level of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution ever reported during spring, as stated by the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA).

However, tourism is one of the most prominent employers worldwide, and there are destinations globally dependent on tourism totally for their survival.

Due to the pandemic, the travel and hospitality industry has suffered a massive fall. It has not just affected our economy, but it has also left 12% of India’s population unemployed or jobless, and this was the source of income for them to run their household. This is not just limited to India but most tourism destinations around the world have faced similar job loss.

But, there is hope, and that hope is You. There are many simple ways to make a difference and help in reviving the Indian tourism industry again. Here are the ways to make your travel more fruitful while exploring the world when lockdown restrictions are loosened.

Confirm in advance

Due to the pandemic, many travelers had to cancel trip plans they were excited about. Either way, current studies reveal that people will want to take up on dropped travel opportunities when the crisis falls. It has given hope to the hotel and tourism industry for a flow of ‘revenge traveling,’ so it is essential to book in advance to overcome such traffic.

Book a Local Homestay Instead of a Hotel

Rather than booking your stays at big hotels run by foreign businesses, prefer to stay at the homestays and hotels run by the locals. There are many beautiful homestays in India where you can explore its local culture, food, and language.

Be prepared for a no refund policy

If COVID canceled your trip plans, you are likely frustrated and wondering about refunds or credits. So, before booking, start by reviewing the travel provider’s refund policies and the terms. You will probably find it on their websites about COVID-19 travel-related questions.

Many are providing refunds or rebooking options for your trip. Some sites also offer the opportunity to book today and stay whenever you prefer.

Don’t organize parties by yourself

We all love parties, but celebrating when the Covid-19 keeps extending can be a challenging task. So far, people and authorities in India are managing to keep the covid toll under control. We should ensure that due to organizing parties, the situation can become burdensome.

Don’t trek or venture to the distant villages without permission

After hitting India’s big cities, the covid wave is now spreading quickly in rural areas. So, if you’re heading towards such places, being a responsible trekker or traveler, it is essential to take permission from the village’s sarpanch or other big authority residing there.

I hope that when you restart traveling, it is more giving in nature instead of taking. Help the local communities which in return will help you.

Hope you found this responsible travel blog helpful. For any tips and help around solo travel or backpacking in India or South East Asia, feel free to connect me on my Instagram or YouTube.

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