The auto upgrade tamasha.

The auto upgrade tamasha.

I was going to write the second part of the Mumbai journey but then this came into my mind. After reading my previous blog many said that its all coincidence and fate/luck plays no role when all this shit happens. So I decided to write up another misadventure of mine.

It makes me angry to an unknown extent when people travel in sleeper compartment with a general ticket and sit on a reserved seat as if the seat belongs to their beloved grandpa. Also though I don’t prefer traveling in sleeper compartment but when there is no way out sleeper happens, and because of no charging points available or working I simply turn off my phone after I reach platform.

This happened when once I was traveling from Patna to Kolkata and the train was already late by two hour.  When the announcement happened I got into this train without checking if it was the same train I was going to take,  only because the announcement said that platform and train arrived on the same.

As I got into my compartment I saw this unkil in his 50s sleeping his way to glory on my berth which that made me angry even without any extra effort. I woke him up showed my ticket which led to an argument as he claimed that he got this seat after paying the concession to the TT. I was so angry and was shouting so hard a 12 AM midnight that it even woke fellow passengers of which most of them taking my side and asked him to call the TT to know what the actual matter is.

I was sitting on my train when I realized that what if I got into a wrong train?

Random thoughts started coming in my mind if berth number and compartment no. are both correct then it may be possible that I am into a wrong train.What would I do If I am on my way to somewhere else (because I have done that before but then I realized that I mistook before the train left).

  While my mind was rocking around with all these random thoughts a TT came and checked my ticket and then said that my name is not on the chart. I was like what the hell and got one more reason to curse the system in Bihar. The TT made his point saying that the agent cheated me but I had all the SMSs related to the booking (my phone was still off). Ultimately after an argument and waking up fellow passengers in middle of the night TT gave me another berth to sleep on which I was not willing to go (Dunno from where all the sense of rights being a citizen of India started popping out of my mind) I went to that seat on which another uncle was sleeping,woke him up at again TT and that uncle had a little argument but that was none of my business.

I kept my baggage and turned on my phone to check facebook only to receive a stupid message from IRCTC saying my Sleeper seat have been upgraded to a compartment in AC. I was like what the hell after matching my PNR number on Indiarail website. I was feeling like WTF. Out of 10 bogies and 72 seats each they chose my seat to be upgraded I thought to ask the TT then I decided to sleep where I got my seat thinking dunno what TT would say. I finally met my friends in evening and told them about the incident they were like normal because even they are used with things like these happening with me 😐

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