The Art of Love

The Art of Love

I love art, and to some extent I believe in love. But for me it is very confusing when people mix art and love. If you call it L’Art in French it will mean “The Art” but here in India it would define ‘trashy art on historical monuments’.

I have been travelling for long now and been to a lot of historical sights but this trash you’ll find all over the country that means India is full of retarded assholes. They won’t let you appreciate any historical beauty and ruin it with their own modern art.

On almost every wall you can see masterpieces of Picasso wannabes.. X lovesY, Y lovesZ, Q loves P, and then P is again in love with L. From Rajgir to Goa these assholes exist, they are greatest example of Unity in Diversity. I think they are the direct descendants of the first cave painters. 

I really don’t know what gets them ruining such great monument when one can go directly to the person and propose. What are the chances that the other person will visit this place and know about the love and who knows when they come its the honeymoon. 

I really hate this and if I find someone doing somewhere I won’t hesitate beating that person to death.

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