That One Friend

That One Friend

Friends impact our life in their own way. Some make slightest of the impression while others do in the deepest ways possible. These impacts can be negative or positive and that is the reason a child is asked to choose his friends wisely because they are the ones whose impression is going to be around you throughout your life. 
When it comes to childhood friends I am one of the luckiest people on the planet but here I am not going to talk about them and make an impression that I am all in a mood of buttering them in the best way possible or maybe next time when Amul is ready to endorse my feelings.
So this friend I met when my college had just started. He used to walk like a robot and spoke like an alien. No wonder I hated him from the first time we spoke and after I told him what he sounds and looks like he grew this extraordinary hatred for me. For four years all the sole purpose of his life remained to irritate me, to humiliate me and to prove that he is better than me in whatever I did. Sometimes he used to get irritated when I didn’t even cared what he is up to.  I had my own problems and priorities at that time and I used to be involved with those stuffs only. I was not as good as him in studies not I did anything good in sport ever and that gave him a chance to judge me on basis of my studies and how poor my bowling is. 
I never questioned his sense of holding mouse while playing Counter Strike or how bad he was at writing.
People don’t impact any individual’s life until something extraordinary happens because of them. This friend ended up becoming my roommate not once but twice. All I did was tolerate his bullshit about how mediocre my sense of movies are and how I am outdated because I don’t watch IPL. He once took me to hospital and reminded me every time for rest of the four years. He had a problem with everything I liked and that made him automatically dislike things that liked no matter how good a movie is or how fine the food tastes at a nearby restaurant. I once saw him in my favourite restaurant eating my favourite Biryani, the best thing I ever had in whole Bangalore.
He questioned my sense of music and types of books that I read.
I can accept anything but someone questioning my taste of music or what I read is simply outrageous. I argued with him for hours and then I gave up because it was of no use. The day I decided to make film making or writing as a career he was the first one to question it. I never questioned why he is doing what he is doing and still he did it, though it was expected and by the time it became too much so I just ignored everything he said.
Right now when I finished my first solo short and already it received good remarks on YouTube, still the video have a dislike along with 80 something likes and no to wonder that button was hit by that one friend.
Tough I never understood his dislike for me. I helped him in the ways he cannot even think of. May be some incident in childhood made such impact on him or something. When we used to pass through a nearby he used to look at kids and wished for that childhood he never had while I used to get lost in the memories of my childhood where I enjoyed all this. Tastes and choices can be different but judging someone on its basis is the shittiest thing one can do and the impact all this came up with was that though I hated judgemental ones I myself became one of them. Till date sometimes I argue people about their choices, their likes and dislikes. Though not in the same way he did but still the impact is still somewhere.

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  1. Ayush

    I was wondering who that one dislike came from. 😛

  2. anshul

    I try not to do that ever. Its about if we are going to accept an individual or not but why ask them to change to the sake of it and just because we don't like it.

  3. anshul

    HaHa 😀 The only person to criticize my efforts must be someone special 😛

  4. anshul

    Butter is costly so unnecessary buttering is of no use 😛

  5. Abhishek

    i dont like ur taste of music and xomics 😀 :Pbeing serious, friends question, criticise, but watever u do, they are always there 😀

  6. Abhishek

    Different people have different expectations from life or most of the times they simply carry the burden of what others expect from their life. They also tend to think that is the way life should be lived and advocate it to others. Great if you have decided to live life on your terms – not just in a literary sense – and thats most important…'cos in the end nothing else matters.