That Long Walk

That Long Walk

There is a saying “Nobody dies virgin, life fucks everyone” or in Hindi we say “zindgi ne le li”. All these quotes really don’t sound like anything until one gets the experience it by himself. The same happened with me.
I think whoever coined this quote would have went through a lot at that particular moment   I know of a friend who broke up with his girlfriend and then got fired from his job the same day, at least I can console myself by thinking of such examples.
I have this travel bug that keeps pushing me to travel and when it hits it’s me and my camera and all I need is a bus or train (I prefer bus for short distance) to find. That particular journey I didn’t knew a bus would get me into such trouble that I’ll remember this day whenever the above quotes would come up.
I out of nowhere decided to visit Mysore out of nowhere. I called two friends and both of them were out of town that day. These are the early warning signals that ask me not to do whatever is going on in my mind. Ignoring those warning signals I called a very old friend who once gave me his number if I ever came to his city and after that we never spoke until that day.
Something interesting about Population of Karnataka is that faces and accent start changing as you travel from one district to another. Living here for about 5 years I can now identify people by their faces or accent if they belong to Mysore or Belgaum or nearby Konkan. And yes most of the beautiful girls are either from Coorg or from Udupi region.
So this friend came to receive me at the bus stand in the morning and I was supposed to leave in the evening. Roads were already jammed because of Durga Puja grand ceremony at that time which always results is a major traffic jam and the place from where my actual misery started. I had to meet another friend here who stayed almost 8 km away from where I was staying and that I didn’t knew. In case if you are wonder this friend was a she. In case if you are wondering how did I knew her she is a long distance cousin, I am using ‘was’ because of some obvious reasons that you’ll get to know later in this post.
So somehow I reached the place she was staying and even after all the plans and prior information she made me wait outside for almost 45 min and then I received a text about she being too busy with her office work. This is where my WTF mode started. Cursing her boss I went back to be bus stand and there it started raining. After Mr. Fate got me fully drenched he sent a bus which was more than over crowded. After an hour of struggling in that bus and cursing my luck I came back to Mysore. By this time it was already 6:30 taking a bus made no sense at that moment. This is one of the decisions I curse and am proud of at the same time. My friend took me to a famous pub and I witnessed the biggest joke Mr. Fate could play with me.
This friend of mine she an hour before was suffering with her extra workload somehow appeared here.  I decided not to bother and just ignored what happened. My friends know how I take my camera everywhere I go and start clicking snaps once I get the chance. That night I uploaded those pics on facebook and went to sleep. On days like these when you are tired like hell you really get a good sleep and if you receive a phone call half an hour later your world goes upside down.
Remember those snaps I took in that pub where this friend was also present as a part of Fate playing pranks on me. Some of those snaps had pics of my cousin in the background with her pitcher and beer glass clearly showing up.
And some dumbass tagged her there.
Life can be so eventful you cannot even imagine. So much can happen in half an hour you won’t even know.  Another dumbass relative (yes I am looking at you if you are reading this post) who went through those pics tagged her turning my world upside down. For an hour later I had to go through all the bullshit ever possible with questions like if I was following her and spying on her. Our relatives saw those pics and how she is embarrassed. After this fiasco I almost stopped uploading pics on my facebook profile without proper permission and checking.I lost my sleep for rest of the night and left for Bangalore on the first bus I got in the morning. 
I didn’t know Mr. Fate has special plans for me.
That bus dropped me some 20 Km away from where I was supposed to get off. At this point I just had 200 rs in my pocket and there was no ATM nearby. The ATM in Mysore was not working and Mr. Fate suggested me that get one once I reach Bangalore. Looking for a bus that either dropped me to Majestic or K.R Market seemed like impossible at that moment.  I was couldn’t find an ATM and there were no auto-rickshaws around. I walked and walked hoping to get a bus stand somewhere somehow. Another interesting thing about Bangalore is when you ask people about how far is certain place all they’ll reply you is “Swalpa something” which apparently means nearby. Looking for this nearby bus stand I had to travel almost 2 km by foot. After sometime I got a bus which after 10 min got stuck in a jam for more than 20 min. I got pissed off and decided to take a walk as someone told me that K.R Market is nearby only.
I forgot what nearby means in Bangalore
Again I had to travel for one and a half km until it started raining. It seems Mr. Fate had a little pity on me and sent an auto wala finally but only after getting completely drenched in rain. That auto wala didn’t drop me at the bus stop exactly because the whole area had became a mini lake with water filled up to knees. In the end I got a bus that instead of stopping where I had to get off it took me to next stop which was about a km away from my place. 
When I finally reached home all I thought finally its the end of my problem and Mr. Fate didn’t liked this. I reached home turned on my laptop and it showed no activity. Walking in the rain some water passed into my laptop bag and something happened. I decided to take a nap because next day I had to run to get it fixed.
And still people say my life is so happening.

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  1. Neha

    Such is Life deary! You can call it happening too, with all the above "happening" activities! 😉

  2. Yasmeen basheer bad day! You must have got up on the wrong really tend to have bad days like this Anshul try to forget it and move on!(P.S.: thanks for the part where you said "And yes most of the beautiful girls are either from Coorg or from Udupi region" I am from ududpi and yes I took that as a compliment :P)Nice post overall keep it up! =)

  3. nid

    Lolzz… That was one hell of an experience… :P… Keep having more of such experiences so that we get to read more…

  4. Sais

    I don't know if I'm so tough of what; but it didn't seem like very very bad experience to me. :">

  5. Pushpreet

    woh kehte hain na .. jab bura samay aata hai to oonth par baithe aadmi ko bhi kutta kaat jaata hai

  6. anshul

    Happening or not happening depends on the person who's been there done that. For others its only entertainment.

  7. anshul

    For that you are welcome 😀

  8. anshul

    I have just restarted wrting Nidhi.Believe me I have a lot of experiences to share along.

  9. anshul

    It was not very very bad experience but still it was hell of an experience 😐

  10. anshul

    an I don't want to take this experience ever again :/

  11. anshul

    Chain of events jo kehte hai na or like Chain reaction wahi tha.