That Dood (dude)

That Dood (dude)

People call him awesome, stud and don’t know what but he isn’t. Girls can get angry on me like they usually do. I know girls you love him a lot but it’s a fact, he is no prince charming! Anyway, coming to this guy, I don’t know when I met him, usually I do remember the 1st time I meet a guy but as I met him in my first day of my class in DAV introduced by my childhood enemy, I don’t know what exactly was the conversation like but he must have welcomed me to the jungle.
Long time gone we met again thanks to my childhood enemy ( I hate him to the core) in Delhi. I had lost touch with everyone from my school days and days after that, or maybe they just left because I used to be a freak (A girl in 11th std. told me that). Anyways I spent a night at his place and I must say he is a very good host, I always suggest him to get into hotel business and guaranteed it will go on top in terms of hospitality also it should have good female employees.
This guy is very much interested in business and politics, late night chats with him gave an idea about it. Too bad, there are rare people in this who have this much intellect to carry on a chat with him.
I don’t know if we are close friends but we do are. In Delhi we had lot of fun, I used to spend night outs at his place and lot of times days too and despite being heavily fucked up from his office he always used to be calm and cool.
He has been some sort of hero for me lately, the way he did things impressed me and I am trying damn hard to have guts like this guy! His attitude of just do it and then do whatever you feel like is something I like most in him, except for his gf!(not sure if this made sense!) His gf is damn lucky to get a guy with kick ass attitude like him and so is he lucky that she is damn patient! Any other girl would have kicked in his arse for things he does at times! Naah, don’t ask him or me about it!
Coming to being friends, he is always there for you but when he is experiencing mood swings, it can be a trouble for you, it wasn’t for me but for some it was from what I heard! I think Saket is one of the few who can be there when he is having mood swings or tension and to whom he confesses stuffs and then goes normal, otherwise I never saw him angry and I don’t want either.
Coming to his attitude, you will like him in the beginning but laters, you’ll like him more! Ahhh… just kidding, at times this is a no nonsense guy with guys, so if you’re a guy, keep safe distance. If you’re a girl, close distance is preferred, he won’t hurt you unless drunk! Ohhh coming to drunk part, he is really good stress buster when he is drunk, just talk to him and you will be rolling on floor laughing. Dude, thanks for those nights!(Don’t take this in a gay way!)
He impresses girls like anything, dude you do have a gf! Oh wait, men will be men! He is a bit emotional, which doesn’t suit dudes like him but that’s what makes him special in the eyes of girls I guess!
For more things like what he likes and what he does, contact him! I tried to focus on his personality and behavior! I can’t go further or I’ll end up writing a book about him, Oh Wait!!

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  1. Saket

    nice!! 🙂 post his contact no. too or fb page link so tat gals can contact him 🙂 😀

  2. Neha

    Woa! Strange. A guy talking good about another guy. Nice post 🙂