#Together with a cup of chai

What do you wish for when you are home after a long day of work? What keeps you going on when you wake up in the morning and you want to see that face that will make your day? Who do you want to spend your evening after being stuck in traffic for atleast 4... Continue Reading →

Some people make you feel lonely

Have you ever met someone who has made you feel how lonely you are? Have you ever met someone you reminds you about your past? Have you ever met someone who reminds you what you used to be and now what you are, someone who reminds you about your life and journey from where it... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Being Single

I sometimes get to hang around with my friends who are in a relationship. Sometimes I feel inspired, at times I feel sad that I am so alone in this world. Then there are times when I meet a pretty girl with common friends and wish if she was my girlfriend. There are times when... Continue Reading →

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