Monsoon Madness – Exploring the Waterfalls of Ranchi

Ranchi is a place the glory of these waterfalls can be enjoyed at its best. During the monsoon, this beauty increases tenfolds. The hills of Chotanagpur plateau are not as high as the Himalayas or as well known as The Western Ghats but are an equal match when it comes to beauty and diversity.

McCluskieganj – A story lost in time

The British India saw rise of many unknown places and cities that they converted into their personal summer destinations to settle away from the crowd and in search for pleasant weather. McCluskieganj became one of the prominent places that the British governance selected and was shortly populated by many British families. The housing plan of... Continue Reading →

My monsoon trail continued in Jharkhand and I left for Netarhat the next morning. I took a bus and traveled in the morning on a bumpy bus ride with muddy roads like this But then the route was covered with the Koel river that was flowing nearby. Like every place in Jharkhand I went to,... Continue Reading →

Chasing rain in Jharkhand: A Photo Essay

Last month I was returning from my native Jhumri Telaiya to Patna, as the train passed through the valleys of Chotnagpur region, looking at the clouds increased my lust to chase the monsoon. Jharkhand is one of the few underrate and ignored spots in terms of tourism and travel. For me it was a chance... Continue Reading →

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