भानगढ़: जहाँ भूतों से ज्यादा है इंसानो का खतरा

भानगढ़ की कहानी शायद एकता कपूर ने लिखी थी सो कोई कुछ भी बताता है| कोई बोलता है की राजा का भूत है, कोई बाबा के बारे में बताता है, काफी तो ये भी मानते हैं की सारा भानगढ़ ही भूत बन गया|

Magnetic Fields Festival – Where to Stay

Magnetic Fields festival is one of the biggest EDM festivals in India and one of the must experience things in Rajasthan. This three day event takes place in Alsisar Rajasthan and witnesses more than 50000 music lovers from India and around the globe dancing on the latest beats from some of the world renowned artists.

Streets of Bikaner – A Photo Journey

When it comes to tourism in Rajasthan, Bikaner is usually overlooked. Compared to the exotic Udaipur, traditional Jodhpur and royal Jaisalmer, Bikaner is more like the poor cousin of ignored by the rich members of the family. Lucky for me! Traveling to Rajasthan in winters can be hectic. Hotels are full, train and bus tickets... Continue Reading →

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