In Pictures : Alsisar Mahal – A Taste of Rajasthan

Let me ask a question. If you are offered to spend a few days in palace in middle of a desert in a village that probably doesn’t even exist on the map of India, what will your answer be? I know, most of you will leave everything to spend a vacation at a place like... Continue Reading →

The Painted Fresco of Mandawa

If Navalgarh is Rajashthan’s open art gallery then Mandawa is the royal art exhibition. For one, budget travellers like me cannot afford to stay here and second the haveli’s here are more artistic and well maintained as compared to the other parts of Shekhawati. Indian tourist spots are known for touts and the way they approach... Continue Reading →

An Affair with Shekhawati

Rajasthan is known for its Royal Havelis and Forts and exploring Rajasthan is like time traveling to a era of romance and valor. If one region of Rajasthan was to define the Rajputana’s lavish lifestyle then it should always be the Shekhawati Region. In short, Shekhawati is Rajasthan’s art gallery. For those who haven’t heard... Continue Reading →

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