Maner Shareef – Best Place to visit In Patna

Maner Shareef Dargah was built in 1616 A.D. by Ibrahim Khan Fath Jang, Governor of Bihar under the Emperor Jahangir. The mausoleum was constructed over the grave of his religious preacher Makhdum Shah Daulat.

Exploring Madhubani Street Art in Patna

Street art is not something that one will expect or associate with a city like Patna. But recently, the city administration and state government, in their attempt to promote folk arts, decided to paint the wall of the city with beautiful paintings made by Madhubani artists.

Cinepolis – The Worst Theater Chain in India

Name a theater chain that brags about branches all over the world that only includes its presence in some of the poorest countries in Latin America and Asia. These countries are hunting grounds for money churning multinational companies. The theater chain that has its branches in some of the 3rd tier cities of the country... Continue Reading →

Exploring Patna’s Heritage in 3 days

Forget Buddha Smriti Park, PnM Mall and 3rd Class fake Goa called Diyara. Patna has long list of Heritage sites that have been ignored for a long long time by administration and its own people. Staying in Patna for 3 years I have seen most of these places as ignored as a Bihari groom candidate... Continue Reading →

5 Quick Weekend Getaways around Patna

Living in Patna makes people run out of options for places to visit around the city. As a Bihar and a travel enthusiast I have faced this problem frequently. Bad roads, lack of public transport and hardly available information makes things even more difficult. If you really want to take a break and you have... Continue Reading →

Must Eat List – When in Patna

It’s been almost a year since I started coming to Patna on a regular basis and around 6 months since I shifted here. The best part of living here is the food and I am not talking about Dominos and KFC that are opening and overshadowing the traditional food chain in this city. So here... Continue Reading →

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