The Indian Trail of Ruins – A Photo Journey Part 2

Thanks to your response and comments, I had to compile the second part of the Indian ruin trail series as soon as I could. In the previous post I spoke about the ruins of Southern and The Western part of India. In this post I have tried to compile a lit of abandoned structures, cities... Continue Reading →

Khajuraho – Conversations with Stones

My blog’s title might catch attention of a few perverts but let me assure you that it’s not what it sounds like. My introduction to Khajuraho happened last year when a few friends I met in Banaras invited me to Khajuraho and I joined them on a road trip. I made some excellent friends during... Continue Reading →

Orchha – The pride of Bundelkhand

India is the land of many stories and legends. Orchha is one such place that talks about the legacy of Bundelas and their glorious reign on their kingdom. Founded in 16th century by Bundela King Maharaj Rudra Pratap the town today is attracts tourists and travelers alike to experience an off the beaten track. Rich... Continue Reading →

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