The Indian Trail of Ruins – A Photo Journey Part 2

Thanks to your response and comments, I had to compile the second part of the Indian ruin trail series as soon as I could. In the previous post I spoke about the ruins of Southern and The Western part of India. In this post I have tried to compile a lit of abandoned structures, cities... Continue Reading →

Albert Hall – Where time stands still

The Ram Nivas Garden is known for its picturesque beauty that captures the essence of local Jaipur life beautifully. The area has been intact for many a years now, with a functioning zoo, playgrounds and other structures. The running tongas and rikshaws only increase the beauty of the place. The central attraction of Ram Nivas... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Illiterati

There are certain places, certain people who become a part of your journey. You keep coming back to them even when you are on the move. You return to that one place time and again, because you know that no matter how far you go, this is where your heart truly belongs. And then one... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a Ghost Town

    Have you ever been to a place that represents life in its true sense? Where everything ends and yet somehow it gives hope to a new beginning. Have you ever seen a ghost town? If not, then let me tell you about Dhanushkodi. A small village located near Rameshwaram that marks the last Indian... Continue Reading →

Travel Diaries: Rishikesh through my eyes

So what comes in your mind when someone talks about Rishikesh? Water Rafting, Cliff Jumping and plenty of adventure sports along with hot, pretty girls hanging around your camps. Rishikesh is the first place where an average traveller gets face to face with what is called as living on the edge. For me expectations turned... Continue Reading →

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