A beautiful gift That I got for you Is a better present Than the forgotten past Of which the memories won’t last Any more And if you leave I will let you go And yet I won’t A part of you will stay Somewhere in me A part of me will live Somewhere in you.

The Journey

When your legs will give up And the day they refuse to continue further Tell them the home is yet to come Pain is just a part of fun There are places left to travel There are wonders you must explore In dark lonely nights And in cloudy rainy delights When you are left alone... Continue Reading →

A letter to the 20 year old me

Recently I got a chance to travel with a young group of students that reminded me of the days when I used to be like them. It was kind of an overwhelming experience to feel something through someone else’s eyes about how it used to be once and how it is now. I had some... Continue Reading →

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