Eighteen Unusual Experiences in Leh City

Leh being the centre of Ladakh region, the travellers end up here two or three times during their trip to Ladakh. But most of the time is spent in rest and gathering energy for the next road trip. Leh as a hustling bustling town, has a lot to offer than Shanti Stupa and Leh Palace. Here are some unusual experiences in Leh City that will add more memories to your trip.

Leh Independence Day 2017 – A Photo Journey

This blog is an attempt at showing that there is more to write about Ladakh than the regular touristy spots. This is one such post that will probably make up your mind to do something different when you visit this gorgeous destination the coming summers.


In the month of August 2017, I worked in Ladakh for a month and a half. Being a budget traveller, I had to make sure that my trip is as cheap as possible. So when I started my trip, I made sure that I will find the easiest way to reach Ladakh and make a return trip. The idea was to go for an ultimate budget trip to Ladakh.

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