Trekking in Western Ghats – Part 2

     Follow the first part of my journey over here It was a new morning and we woke up to reach a new destination, and a new state. A few more kilometers and we entered Karnataka. We reached a small village and language changed to Konkani, the houses started to show up with different wall... Continue Reading →

Travel lessons I learned in 2014

2014 was a learning experience for me as a traveler. I did some insane mistakes that even though I ended up regretting it turned out to be a experience worth remembering. Following that, these are a few experiences I am not going to repeat this year. These lessons are learned well to make my future... Continue Reading →

Mysore Queen of Karnataka

For anyone who shifts to Bangalore goes to Mysore as their first trip, it was same for me. we did after coming to Bangalore. Buses and trains from Majestic run frequently only that I realized later that you can reach Mysore faster by train compared to a bus that to in just 15 rs. On... Continue Reading →

Bangalore’s beauty: Ulsoor Lake

Bangalore has a lot of places to visit unlike people who live there keep complaining about not having such place. Ulsoor lake is very nearby to MG Road where most of the Bangalore is seen on the weekends and yet hardly anyone visits here. There is no entrance ticket to this lake, all you need... Continue Reading →

Shravanbelagola: Stairway to Heaven

Jainism is a dharmic religion (that also includes Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism). Popular for prescribing non-violence against any living being and believes that every living soul is divine. There have been 24 Jain Tirthankars, lord Mahavir being the last of them on whose notes the foundation of Jainism is laid. Shravanbelagola is one of the... Continue Reading →

The Land of Kings: Pattadkal

Ganges is the most auspicious river for Hindus and is the reason that makes Varanasi of such importance because Ganga flows from South to North here. This little piece of information that comes from thousand kilometers away from a smallest of the villages called Pattadkal. After waiting for an hour finally I got a bus... Continue Reading →

Sandstone Chronicles: Badami

Leaving Hubli in the morning I took a bus for Badami. The place is famous for its rock cut cave temples and this was going to be the last stop of my destination. I reached Badami after a 3 hour long ride on a KSRTC bus with farms on both sides and through villages. This... Continue Reading →

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