4 cuisines you must try on your travels around the world

From aromatic spices to sweet-toothed deserts, here are four cuisines that you must try on your travels around the world.

Review: Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen – McLeodganj

Mcleodganj is loaded with eateries of all kinds. There are Tibetan restaurants serving hot momos with rice soup, North Indian restaurants, quaint Coffee shops and numerous roadside dhabas always running for budget travelers. When it comes to international cuisine, McLeodganj is perhaps one of the places that will always leave you surprised with the number... Continue Reading →

Wishlist 2014

New Year Resolutions are made to be broken or do they? Last year I made a wishlist and completed half of them in first 6 months. I learned driving, read more, traveled more and ate a lot of new stuffs but the year ended I was on my way for anger management, brought new cellphone... Continue Reading →

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