The Indian Trail of Ruins – A Photo Journey Part 1

India has a rich history and a lot of it is left in the form of broken monuments and ruined structures. There is a beauty about these ruins, these unfinished structures that keeps me intrigued and I have spent a large part of my travels trying to discover more of it. Trying to discover broken... Continue Reading →

The Land of Kings: Pattadkal

Ganges is the most auspicious river for Hindus and is the reason that makes Varanasi of such importance because Ganga flows from South to North here. This little piece of information that comes from thousand kilometers away from a smallest of the villages called Pattadkal. After waiting for an hour finally I got a bus... Continue Reading →

Sandstone Chronicles: Badami

Leaving Hubli in the morning I took a bus for Badami. The place is famous for its rock cut cave temples and this was going to be the last stop of my destination. I reached Badami after a 3 hour long ride on a KSRTC bus with farms on both sides and through villages. This... Continue Reading →

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